Secret Level List

What are Secret Levels?

The Secret Levels are Areas in the Backrooms which don't really have a placement, and are very mysterious. Some Levels here are safe as we know so far, but some can be dangerous too, but it is less likely. These Levels are Areas that have stranger properties then most Levels, which gives them unique names and/or Numbers. A lot of these Levels were actually recently found. It is theorized there are still many more secret levels to be found out there.

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(Fluctuant) Secret Levels Mainlist

Levels 0 - 99

Levels 100 - 199

Levels 200 - 299

Levels 300 - 399

Levels 400 - 499

Levels 500 - 599

Levels 600 - 699

Levels 700 - 799

Levels 800 - 899

Levels 900 - 999

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