Level ω
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Level Omega appears as Intergalactic space, with many galaxies, The view is often described as incredible.


In Level Omega, you can float around in this space, but don't pay attention to the view. If you stare at the view for around five minutes, you will experience a pain, similar to childbirth. Then, your vision will fade out for around ten hours, with no pain, nothing, until you see some occurrences. It will be the greatest moments you will experience in the future, no matter what. Then you will experience the worst parts of your life, all the future pain, even your own death. Then, a bright light will shine on your image. then, for another ten hours, it will all be white. After that, you will face a maze, which appears as hallways for a mental asylum. If you follow your heart, you will find the exit from the level, If you don't, you will be caught by your demons and trapped in something even worse than the backrooms.

Colonies And Outposts

In this level only one humanoid entity can be found. The entity in question states that it is the first person to ever reach The Backrooms. The entity in question presumably entered The Backrooms sometime in between 400-500 B.C.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, The only known entrance to this level is to do the Television Ritual in Level 13, enter one of the doors in Level 51, or Have Event 2 Occur in Level 703.


To Exit, The only known exit is to get out through the exit of the mental asylum. If you get caught by your demons, you will see haunting images for around 2 hours, then wake up in Level -2.

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