Level ∞
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Level ∞ is a highly dangerous place to go to in the Backrooms. It is believed to be connected to The Garden in some way.


Currently, without enough proof, Level ∞ is just a myth that only a few users have claimed to be trapped in.

Level ∞ is a plane terminal that seems to stretch on forever. Windows showing the "outside world" are all whited out and should be avoided at all costs. Due to its nature, it is one of the most dangerous places in the Backrooms at "night". Basically, every entity to have ever wandered the Backrooms at any point in time will be here at "night", which is why this level is strange. It has its own day and night cycle, during the night all the windows turn purple and open. It is unknown what happens when you enter the windows, but it is theorized that it will take you to either another random level or an undiscovered Level.

It is still not known why the level is such a high number, since it would be impossible to have smaller numbers than that. (Note, the level itself wasn't infinity originally, it was rounded up to infinity after an anonymous person claimed to have seen an indescribably large number over the terminal doors.)

Level "Infinity" has many useful resources lying around, mostly found in the many stores stretching on for a good while, but after about 2 kilometres of stores they become empty and more desolate the further you walk. These stores can hold things like flashlights, electric lighters, food, water and any normal day thing you could find in a store.

After being in Level ∞ for too long, travelers may start hallucinating, seeing their previous loved ones and friends. This is an unknown anomaly that is said to cause these strange hallucinations. Along with telepathic messages from an unknown individual, speaking in an extraterrestrial language, which can still be understood mentally.

One of the survivors of Level ∞ believes that the plane terminal itself may have some undiscovered telepathic anomaly in it.

Due to the nature of how you get to and leave this Level, this has started a new conspiracy theory that the Backrooms and all of reality itself is a simulation, with much support from the "The End" and this Level, Level ∞.

Colonies And Outposts

Due to the strange nature of this Level, no known Colonies or Outposts have been found in this Level yet.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter level Infinity, you must go to the "The End" level and start a video call with the first contact using the unnamed recording device in the "COMPUTER" folder. If you've done it right, the system will prompt you to delete the OS and clear the entire harddrive, type Y. This level can also be accessed by entering the door at the end of Level 51, or by getting caught in Level -0.

If you're lucky, your surroundings will start to slowly go black, the entire library will slowly fall apart into the void and you will be transported to the plane terminal. This is a very rare chance though, most will not even make it this far, since it only has a 1 in 839 chance of happening, and then you must get lucky enough again to be transported to this glitched level. And sometimes instead of taking you there it will teleport you somewhere random in the entire Backrooms, which also includes the many fake realities. It is a risk to try and it is not recommended.


To leave level Infinity, you must enter any one of the planes through the boarding station. A completely whited out human figure will greet you and ask for your passport, you must ignore all of these questions and eventually you will be boarded onto a flight. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH OTHER FIGURES. The flight length may vary from 15 minutes up to 4 hours, and once it has ended, make sure to be the final one off of the plane. Failure to do this can bring you to any of these levels:

Successfully being the last one off the plane will instead transport you to either the level from which you came from or the fake reality that The End brings you to normally.

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