Level Fun =)
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We have so much fun here! =)

Level fun is the most fun level in the whole backrooms!


Small party room. Lots of cake and cookies and almond water. We have so much fun here! =) Don't upset the host.

Colonies And Outposts

The Party

The partygoers of the fun level. We have so much fun here! Come join us!

Entrances And Exits:


Noclip through the ceiling in Level 1 and you may just end up here! If you see confetti falling out of a window on Level 188, that's us having a party! =)


Why would you want to leave? =)

M.E.G. Report Log:

This Level has seemed to be edited by one of the Entities or Entity 67 A.k.a "Partygoers". Please do not listen to anything on this page, as they are luring you into a trap. These entities are very intelligent, and somehow found either a Laptop, or a phone from an M.E.G. Operative. This entry will be archived, and kept for further use.

(Note: God, I hope these things don't edit any more pages. I think we'll need a new Team for this issue.)

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