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Class 3

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The Blue Channel is an area outside of The Backrooms yet still in it.


The Blue Channel is an odd level. This Level appears to be outside of the Backrooms. However, it is also in the Backrooms. The nature of this Level is not comprehensible by humans. It is larger than the entirety of The Backrooms.

This Level can only be described as the area outside of a level. It appears to be outside every Level. This Level can exist outside of infinite levels as well. This Level's look is a blue void where the Level can be seen above or below you. No entities or objects spawn here.

It has a constant strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire level. This Wi-Fi doesn't allow one to access the internet and only allows access to other devices.

This Level traps one permanently, keeping them from dying. It also keeps one's sanity intact.

We have limited knowledge of this level, as the only info is pictures.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


This Level can be entered through one point at every Level. This point has to be found and can be noclipped through to get here.


This Level has no exit and traps people permanently.

First Contact

Foreword: The following is our only way of communication with a member of "The Lost." Along with an archive of all previous messages sent.

Day 1

9:21 AM - Hello? Team? Are you guys there?
9:40 AM - Hello?
10:34 AM - Fuck.
12:43 PM - Please tell me someone is there.
6:34 PM - I'm breaking down. Is anyone there?
Image Sent Where the am I?1

Day 2

2:54 AM - I need to gather my thoughts.
Alright, so,
I was on that one level, the fucking city one.
My squad left me and I walked into a store.
The floor disappeared and I fell through.
I'm here now.
3:32 AM - I know nobody is there. But, I need help.
6:32 AM - All I can do is walk.
I hope there's a way out.

Day 4

3:21 PM - Sorry for the silence yesterday.
I dedicated that day to walking.
The floor is invisible.
Blue void.
4:45 PM - I'm gonna go silent for 10 more days.
If I don't get out.
I'm ending it.

Day 7

2:45 AM - Hello?

Day 10

5:20 PM - Ten days.
I can't access the internet, only this terminal.

Day 14

4:57 PM - I'm fucking ending it all.
5:00 PM - I,
I tried to shoot myself.
I saw the other side.
For a moment.
I'm back, no hole in my head.

Day 20

3:29 PM - Twenty days, no contact.
I've been walking all day, all night
If you ever read this, fuck you.

Day 43

11:11 AM - Y'know what?
I was with them for years.
I had friends.
I explored so many places.
They left me.
I hate them.
3:30 PM - What are the chances?
In an infinite level?
That I find the one spot that sends me here.
What are the chances?

Day 100

9:02 PM - Happy Aniversary.
Now's a better time than ever to recap.
Let's see.
For some reason, my memory is perfect here.
10:00 PM - I was living in 1968.
One day I fell through the floor.
I fell into an odd place. Surrounding me was a facility.2
People were there.
They happily welcomed me.
I joined the exploration team.
We walked millions of miles.
We trusted each other. For 23 years.
That's how long I stayed there.
Traversed so many different places.
So many close brushes with death.
We were in the city.
Travelling millions of miles west.
I got injured.
They left me overnight.
Left me to die.
I said before how I got here.
I don't need to rehearse it.
Images Sent Memories.3

Day 365

8:21 PM - One year.
11:02 PM - I'm giving up on contacting anyone.
See you in 10 years!

Day 2,908

2:03 PM - There's a new level above me.
It looks like a neighborhood.

Day 4,015

7:59 AM - 11 years.
Still walking.
I've seen many things.
Seemingly "infinite" things follow a pattern.
Takes years to get to the end.
9:03 PM - 18 more years it is.

Day 4,155

6:12 PM - I've tried so many times, I'm just wasting bullets.

Day 10,585

5:12 PM - Hello?

5:13 PM - Hi.

5:13 PM - No fucking way.
It took 29 years for somebody to respond.

5:14 PM -Who are you?

5:15 PM - Alexander, a member of a group that passed through a city 29 years ago.

5:15 PM - Level 11? Also, hold on, 29 years ago?

5:16 PM - Yes.

5:17 PM - That was before the M.E.G existed.

5:18 PM - The what?

5:20 PM - Hold on.

Closing Statement: After this conversation, the terminal was promptly handed over to the overseers of the M.E.G. This person is believed to be a member of The Lost.

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