Attention Please
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Zionist Database - ██ of █████:

Level ████ -"Attention Please"

The below information was sourced from an encrypted hard drive.
See This Report for info.

All information presented in this record is speculation until otherwise stated.
Nothing in this entry has been confirmed by members of the M.E.G.



I̸͕̅ M̸͍̍ G̴̰̕ _̷̗̎ 2̵̠́ 0̸͍͊ 2̷̡̅ 0̶̩͝ 0̴͖͝ 1̶͎̑ 1̵̗̈́ 6̶͓́ _̷͔͐ 1̶͉̆ 9̷̪͝ 2̶̱̀ 9̷̧̓ 0̷̻͗ 3̷́


  • Class 2 Volume. Mindless, Hungry
  • Animated Corpses. Humanoid Beasts
  • Burnt Cadavers seek unscathed flesh.
  • Average Temperature: 26°C
  • Treacherous Footing and Travel
  • Indoors, near zero light.


If the strobing emergency lights won't
drive you to insanity, the endlessly looping
droning of the broadcast will.

Click below to hear this levels ambient sound.

"Attention Please…" Only the mad or the mindless would dwell here, as this message echoes down every dark hallway and pitch black concourse. This level seems to resemble a shopping mall - long since abandoned and in complete disarray. Blasted tile and decaying architecture make this level particularly hazardous to traverse. Light sources are required and step cautiously. Be aware that this level is not vacant - there are living corpses who will seek out sound and movement as well as slender shuffling zombies twice the height of an average human. To encounter Entities in this level is uncommon, but they often slumber in packs.


  • None. The broadcast leads travelers to insanity over the course of days.


  • Attention Please can be heard before entry. Dark or dimly lit service hallways in Industrial levels may all lead to Attention Please nearby the ████████ cluster II.
  • Lifting a ceiling tile in level ████ often leads into a ruined storefront within Attention Please.
  • Leaving Attention Please has proven difficult. Often, areas of entry disappear once crossed. Be sure to bring a ██ ████ for reliable egress.


Attention Please is rated YELLOW according to the Farlands Recon Division for the following:

  • Sparse Entity Count - Zero Settlements
  • Rare source of equipment and Frontrooms objects
  • Zero access to potable water or edible rations

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