Secret All Hallows Eve
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A photo from the Kiddie Patch.

All Hallows Eve is a secret Level in the Backrooms.
It was discovered on 10/31/18.

The Level appears to be a large farm, similar to Level 10, however, instead of growing wheat, it grows pumpkins.


All Hallows Eve is a secret level of the Backrooms, it is always nighttime on the level. Occasionally, bats can be seen flying over.

The Pumpkin Field

The Pumpkin Field are the different parts of All Hallows Eve, the level has a 100-mile radius, and based on the characteristics of each part, they have been divided into three parts.

Kiddie Patch

The Kiddie Patch is the safest part of All Hallows Eve. This part of the Level only extends for a one-mile radius, before reaching the Pumpkin Patch. Most wanderers wake up in this part of the Level. In the corner of the patch is a barn, inside the barn is fresh pumpkin pie, and next to the barn is a railway station. This always refills, and someone always adjusts the Wanderer's liking. Most pumpkins in this part of the patch are around the size of normal Frontroom Pumpkins.

Pumpkins Patch

The Pumpkin Patch is the second part of this level. This part extends for a 24-mile radius, the pumpkins here are much bigger than the average Frontroom Pumpkin, ranging from the width of 50" to the width of 80". It is a bit safe here, but rarely, you may encounter a skin-stealer. Most of the Pumpkin Pickers work in this part of the Level.

Scarecrow Valley

Scarecrow Valley is the most interesting part of this level. Here, large mountains start to form, creating canyons, valleys, rivers, and even caves. This part of the level expands for 35 miles. Pumpkins sparsely grow here, and instead, hundreds—maybe thousands of scarecrows dot this place.

The Scarecrows

The scarecrows are made of straw, with a pumpkin head and regular farmer's clothes, their arms cannot be seen. The scarecrows are incredibly hostile and dangerous. If you walk within a 3 feet radius of the scarecrow, the scarecrow will animate, the pumpkins will light up, and Razors extend from their supposed "arms". They will then maul you, and a straw hand will extend from the shirt and will grab the corpse, pulling it inside. It is noticeable that a new scarecrow will pop up near the death-site. However, the Scarecrow can be intimidated, carrying a Firesalt torch will intimidate the Scarecrow, lowering the attack radius to 1 foot. They can be killed by fire, it is best to use a Firearm with incendiary bullets, which will set the Scarecrow alight. After 30 minutes, the fire will die down, revealing a gruesome scene; a full human skeleton put together with straw.

Due to the danger that inhabits this area, it is best to avoid this area.

Hallow Mountain Range


The only known photo of the Hallow Mountain Range1

Hallow Mountain Range is the final, and most dangerous, part of this Level. This part extends 40 miles—the rest of the level. Little information has been recovered due to the small number of people who reached there. It is said that the mountains reach a point where it is unclimbable, that trees that seem to be alive die when people get close to them. Most worrying of all, wolves that are the size of a 3-story house inhabit here. From recordings, this seemed like a state park, with trails and all of the highways. It is always nighttime, and the only way to see is with torchlight.

The Pump-king Express

Throughout the level, there is a set of railroad tracks, with a train station by the barn. At the end of the day, the Pumpkin Pickers will load up the day's haul onto the railway platform.


A CSX locomotive, #658, as a refrence.

Every seven days, a diesel locomotive, by the name Pump-King Express and with a purple and orange paint scheme, will come through this train station. The two engines resemble a General Electric AC6000CW engine. There are exactly 10 boxcars and 1 flatbed at the end of the train. The pattern of the paint is the same pattern as a CSX brand locomotive, utilizing PKE instead of CSX. At this time, all of the Pumpkin Pickers will stop what they are doing, and race to put all of the cargo onto the train. After 45 minutes, the Pumpkin Pickers will leave and the Train will leave the station.

It will travel on the train tracks, pass the Pumpkin Patch, through the canyon in Scarecrow Valley, and into the black tunnel in Hallow Mountain Range. After 30 minutes in total darkness, the trains will stop at the Metro. Some Pumpkin Pickers waiting at the station will take the cargo off. If everyone leaves the sight of the train, then it disappears.

It seems that no one is driving the train, but due to the heavily tinted window, it is hard to be sure.

Colonies And Outposts

Pumpkin Picker's

The Pumpkin Pickers are a part of the B.N.T.G, due to the abnormal speeds of growing pumpkins, and the fact there is no seed required, it is a nice place to pick pumpkins. They grow, harvest, and export. They are also very good at creating their pumpkin products, rivaling top Frontroom brands. However, they are very distrustful, and only lets humans in if they can prove that they are not a skin-stealer. They are heavily armed, and export pumpkins and pumpkin products.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Getting near a pumpkin will make you fall through the floor, you will appear on this level.
  • Same goes for a scarecrow.
  • Same goes for an N-Scale Pump-King Express train.


  • Riding the Pump-King Express out leads you to the Metro
  • No-clipping into a pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch will lead you to Level 0

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