Second Battle Of Level 0 Two
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The Second Battle of Level 0 — Tale two

This will be divided into 2 parts, Tale 1 will have Parts 1-3, and Tale 2 will have Parts 4-6. -Captain Liu

This tale is written based on interviews of M.E.G personnel, captured Cartographer prisoners, my own experience, and video and audio recordings -Captain Liu


Allies Opposing
M.E.G Cartographers
B.N.T.G (Supplies) Splinters (Transportation)

Date of Battle: ██/██/████

Tale Told by: Captain Liu

(Note: This tale is purely fictional and by no means real——as with all of the Backrooms.)

Part 4: The Prelude

One day has past, day of the battle
M.E.G Base Alpha

The sound of the trumpets woke everyone…today is the supposed day of the battle. Wait, trumpets? I didn't know we had trumpets——we did? Ok then, I guess, breakfast was very silent, many of the new recruits didn't know what was happening, and many of the veterans decided it was best not to tell them. In the Overseer's office, Stretch quietly ate a sandwich and drank some coffee. Kat ate a bagel and drank some juice, while Andrew just had some pancakes. However, in the Officer's barracks, it was much louder. Captain Liu was giving off last minute orders whilst drinking some Hot Chocolate and eating a peach.

"Alright, there are going to be four main assault teams, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow, I will command Blue team, your Overseers will command each of the other teams. Each team consists of 30 people, split into 3 fireteams, each of you will command a fireteam, and will directly be commanded by me if you are in the Blue team. Overseer A will take the Red team, Overseer B will take the Yellow team, and Overseer C will take the Green team. At 9:30 A.M, forward Recon Team Beta Tango Foxtrot will don their Hazmat suits and head out. We expect the Cartographers to be seen at around 10 A.M to 10:15 A.M. Recon Team BTF, you are to be as loud as possible but do not engage. Once you have seen the enemy, confirm your location and retreat…" Someone's belly grumbled. "Finish your breakfast, suit up, and get your equipment ready, I will debrief you on more orders after."

"Sir are we going to win this?"

"Trust your Commander, soldier, we will win."

That message boosted most of the officer's morale, a quiet chatter could be heard as they ate.

"We'll bash those fuckin' Purple Coats until they beg for mercy."

"Yeah, they'll never see it fucking coming."

"I bet they'll shit their pants when they realize they fall into our hell."

"No kidding, hell, they'll probably scamper back all the way to their base."

Liu sighed and ate another bite from his peach.

He went to his room, where his Hot Pocket sat, undisturbed. It also seemed like there was a doughnut. He ate his doughnut, and while eating his Hot Pocket, he thought out loud,

"I think I'll get my 4 Machine Guns ready."

He looked at this thermometer attached to his vest, 76, for some reason, he felt very, very cold. That feeling won't last long though.

"I'm ready to kick some ass."

Cartographers Foward Outpost, Level 0:

"Hup, hup, today, we will defeat the monstrous M.E.G and reclaim the backrooms, I want everyone to gather your equipment. Recon Teams Alpha thru November, stay behind, you will be part of the Main Assault Force. The rest of you Recon Teams, you will be the first to engage in combat. Recon Team Zeta, you will carry a can of poisonous gas. Launch it at the first sight of the enemy, the Foward Attack Group, gather your cold meals, you will eat on the way, the rest of you, go eat your lunch, a well-fed group is the best group. Dismissed. One more thing, officer's, you are to stay behind, I want to review the plans one more time."

"Sir, yes, Sir."

The officers left the room, shouting for the other troops to get to the Mess Hall, the rest of the commanders stayed behind.

"Good is that everyone? Now our plan is to send the recon team's first to attack the enemy, we are to equip them with basic supplies and ammo, along with their weapon."

"Sir, quick question, does that mean they will also be exposed to that gas?"

"They are expendable, the Main Assault Force isn't, nevertheless, Zeta and X-ray will be sent with Gas-Masks."

"Alright, sir."

"For the Republic, for the Queen, and for the army!"

"For the Republic, for the Queen, and for the army!"

"You are all dismissed."

M.E.G Base Alpha:

The Gates open, Foward Recon Team Beta Tango Foxtrot stands at the door, ready to leave; there are five people, Will S., Catherine B., Jack R., Matthew M, and the team leader, Parker D. They stood at the small gate, still as a statue, as Guards checked their Hazmat suits and CRN-24s. "Check, check, check, check, check, alright, Foward Recon Team Beta Tango Foxtrot, you are a go."

From now on, the text will be like this. -Captain Liu.

At the Officer's Office, the commanding officers, Overseers, and Liu looked at the television broadcasting the body cameras, each displaying each perspective.

Will: Well, has anyone written my Death Certificate.

Catherine: I think it's best if you just be quiet.

Parker: We will be taking a custom route, designed so it covers the maximum distance in an hour's time while providing a quick retreat back to base.

Jack: Check, hound!

*Several Shots could be heard, and a low whine*

Matthew: Target down.

Will: Alright, any more?

Catherine: No, I don't think so.

Parker: Continue

For the next 12 Minutes, it was silence.

Command: Hello?

Parker: Yes?

Command: Within 5 minutes, you will reach planned sight—

Will: Enemy spotted! Engaging!


Spurs of Grey blobs could be seen before a red cloud envelopes the camera.

Matthew: The Rixa Gas has been deployed!

Catherine: Retreat on the pre-planned route——

Catherine's camera falls, blood splatters onto the camera.

Parker: Man down, man down, retreat!


Several Bangs could be heard

Command: Do not worry, reinforcements are on their way!

Will: Retreating, retreating.

10 minutes later

Heavy panting could be heard

Will: Base Alpha is insight…Catherine…she didn't make it.

Guards: Open the gate, now, now now!

Cartographer's Republic:

The radio buzzes, the commander picks it up "Hello?"

"Sir, we spent the Rixa Gas on a M.E.G force, they dispersed. It seems like they had yellow suits."

Yellow suits? "Did any of them die?"

"We shot one, and the rest fleed."

Crap, our cover has been blown, no matter, they won't have time to prepare."


"Yes, Sir!"

Part 5: The Battle
Leve 0: The Frontline Skirmish- Part 1 of 3
Note: I switched out the Cartographer Recon Team's original names for the NATO alphabet, I adjusted it to my liking.-Captain Liu

As the Cartographer advance team moved up, M.E.G Soldiers prepared for an intense firefight, barricades were set up, two defense lines were created, and each soldier prepared their guns.


The first contact was made with the Red team; they engaged with Recon Team Zeta, Yams, and X-ray. They were lucky Liu had the 4 machine guns he got last night, as it shredded Zeta and X-ray, and ripped apart Yams. The remainder of the three Recon Groups formed together to created Recon Team XYZ and retreated.

Bang, bang!

Recon Teams Whiskey, Victor, and Uniform tried to take on the Blue Team but were forced back when they realized their flank was open via Recon Team's XYZ.

I'm hit!

Recon Teams Sierra, Romeo, and Tango attacked the Yellow Team. Those three were the best, second only to Zeta and X-ray. There were heavy casualties on each side, with Overseer-B being shot in the arm and Fireteam Charlie of Yellow Team being reduced to six members, but with much-needed reinforcements, Recon Teams Sierra, Romeo, and Tango were pushed back.

Retreat! Retreat!

The heaviest battle was with the Green Team and Recon Teams Oscar, Quebec, and Papa. Fireteam Alpha was decimated, only having 2 members, and Fireteam Beta had only 8 members left. They combined to create Fireteam AB, while new reinforcements created Fireteam Delta. All hands were lost for Recon Team Quebec, the three remaining members of Papa surrendered, and there was only one survivor for Recon Team Oscar, fleeing into the backrooms.

Move the wounded to the rear!

At the end of the Frontline Skirmish, the Forward Advance Force had 42 out of the 120 men able to attack, while the M.E.G defense force Ring One, lost 15 men, not including Recon Team Beta Tango Foxtrot's one casualty.

It's an ambush—arrrgh!

Level 0: The Frontline Skirmish- Part 2 of 3
Foward Outpost, Level 0


"Sir, reports are coming in, Zeta, X-ray, and Yams had to combine to ZYX, there were heavy casualties for Sierra, Tango, and Romeo; Whiskey, Victor, and Uniform are also coming in with heavy casualties, and Oscar, Papa, and Quebec haven't reported, they are presumed K.I.A.

"How many men are left?"

"42 out of the original 120 members."

"Ugggh, send in November, Mike and Lima to scout the teams, tell them to avoid the team with the machine gun at ALL COSTS."

"Yes sir.

"Good, all hope is not lost."

"I will go tell the teams to get ready."

"Don't forget to get the maps…"

Too late.

Level 0: Part 3 out of 3.
Cartographer Base, ███████████

Needless to say, the Recon Scouts came back to base in pieces. November accidentally went to the Red Team, and the whole squad got killed. Mike went to Green Team and came back with 4 out of 10 members of the team. Lima went to Yellow Team and came back with 3 of the 10 members.

"No news, sir."

"We are overtime, news, or no news, we must attack, get the teams together, it is time."

"Yes sir."


"Move, move, move, we are rolling out in 5 minutes, go!"

Battle of Level 0, Part 1 of 5.
Level 0

"I told you, Stretch, I'm not going."

"We have to get you to the rear."

"No, I'm staying."

"Too bad, I've already assigned a guard."

"Fine, but you can only blame yourself if I escape."

"Go ahead, try."

Battle of Level 0, Part 2 of 5.
Level 0

Captain Liu, shouldered his bag, little did Stretch know that the guard he assigned to guard Liu actually didn't give a fuck about going back to base. They were walking around the perimeter of Ring one when Liu saw the guard's head literally explode. He turned and saw a Cartographer, rifle smoking. When he saw that, he saw immense fury.

That fucker didn't just kill my guard

He swung his A-M20 Smg at the soldier.

That fucker is going to die.

He emptied his magazine into the soldier.

Fuck you.

He quickly reloaded, then saw two Cartographers advancing on him.

Come get this, motherfuckers

He emptied another magazine into them.



Liu pulled out his AA-12


The soldiers fell, peppered with lead shots.

He saw a Cartographer with a machine gun advancing.


He saw three Cartographers taking shelter behind a wall.


The pin fell, he threw the grenade.


He saw blood splatter. He didn't care.

He heard lots of running. Time to pull out an LMG.

He randomly chose one of his four Machine Guns. He pulled out a LAMG.

Die, you motherfuckers

The poor soldiers running to their former now-deceased comrades were sprayed with lead…lots of lead.


They all fell, what was a clean room was now full of dead bodies.


He cleared his vision.

I'm coming for you, you motherfucking Commander

Battle of Level 0, Part 3 of 5.
Level 0

Red Team had nothing to do, Liu cleared all of their supposed assault team. However, the Blue Team was facing a very fierce firefight with two of the Cartographer Assault Squadrons. Casualties were very high, with a constant stream of reinforcements coming in just so Ring One can hold.

"Move, move, MOVE, get the wounded to the rear—-Argh!" Stretch was directing orders from Medical Personnel before getting grazed by a bullet.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

"Eat this, you assholes," Corporal Thomas stood up, holding his FAMAS G1 like a machine gun. spraying deadly lead at the Cartographers. He killed four before he was riddled by bullets.


"Get your heads down—" Lieutenant Peterson shouted, before getting his head blown off by a Cartographer sniper, spraying everyone with his blood.

chick-chack BAM! chick-chack BAM!

At Yellow Team, chaos ensued, with Overseer-B wounded, Major Colonel Brigadier General Hope was in charge, despite several efforts, Yellow Team Ring One collapsed, with many casualties. Hope himself was wounded in the leg. It was only from the well-entrenched positions of Ring Two were the Cartographers pushed back.


Green Team was a little better, as Overseer-C remained at his position. Many casualties built up on both sides. The same stream of reinforcements was what kept the M.E.G position alive.

While being cleaned up by a forward medical station, Stretch reached for his phone, he tried to call Liu, no response, he feard the worst until a message popped up:

From: Captain Liu
This is a pre-recorded message
If you are reading this, hooray, I'm not dead -Les Stallion.

Stretch opened the pdf, Fuck, another password, then he remembered and typed it in.

From: Captain Liu
In 15 minutes, the operation will start
Good luck

Stretch knew what was going on. He stood up and walked out, at the protest of the doctors. He went to Alpha Base, "It's starting, get ready."

Battle of Level 0: Part 4 of 5
Cartographer Base, Almond Lake

Captain Liu arrived at Level 4, and walked to lake. He had two objectives, the first one was to create a giant hole for the M.E.G to get into, and the second one was classified. He wondered what to do until he saw a jeep, a Cartographer jeep. It had a rifle and was filled to the brim with explosives. An idea clicked.


Captain Liu drove the jeep at high speeds, with a makeshift battering-ram at the front. He barreled toward the Cartographer Base, and at 750 meters, remembered the conversation he had with stretch last night.

Stretch: What's your plan?
Liu: I'm going to assassinate the Commander.
Stretch: Why the Commander, not the General?
Liu: You see, I don't know where the General is, and I can't investigate without being noticed.
Stretch: Ok, so you murder the Commander, what is the M.E.G supposed to do?
Liu: Attack, with all of your forces, it'll be called Operation: ████████████████.
Stretch: Got it.
Liu: Good-night.

Liu came back to reality 500m, 450m300m150m, 100m, JUMP!

He shoved the rifle at the drive pedal, set the 10-minute timer, and jumped.

The guards saw the jeep, but they were too late, the jeep crashed into the walls.

The guards focused their weapons at the jeep and sent someone to check.

"What is going on?"

"Commander, sir, they found a bomb that was rigged so it wouldn't stop, I advise that you and your Right-Hand man get to the pier, to be safe."

"Alright then."

Meanwhile, Liu fastened his Scuba suit onto himself, he made sure to check for any holes, any touch with the water would be certain death. No holes. He prepared everything and slipped into the water.

"Sir, according to the timer, there are 2 minutes left on the clock."

"Can't we just move the bomb?"

"We can't, whoever did this thought of this very carefully."

"Very well, when it reaches the 30-second mark, have everyone duck."

"Yes, sir."

Captain Liu swam through the Cashew Water, in the distance, he heard a DUCK!.

30 seconds later he heard a muffled cruMMp and FwOom!

Screams could be heard.

Well, that's objective one done.

Now for objective two.

"Sir, the bomb detonated."

"Evacuate the wounded to the rear, and dump the dead."

"Yes, sir."

"I also want to see the damage."

"Sir, it is too dangerous, there might be more dangers,"


"Two things, one, is it fine that your Right-hand man is pacing in front of you, and two, I'll get a guard to protect you."

"That'll be fine."

The inspectors surveyed the damage. They didn't find anything in the wreckage, except a small metal sign.

"Who knows what lies in the Almond Lake?"

It took a minute for the inspector to realize the meaning.

When he understood, he ran for the Commander, who was facing the water.

"Commander, sir! Get away from the water, there is a sniper!—

Too late.

Liu surfaced, his Barret XM500 in hand, no scope, and a silencer.

He took aim.

At that time, time seemed to slow down, Liu could feel his heartbeat.






A miss means certain-death


He's turning


Adjust for the forehead





A muffled crack came out of his sniper rifle



A crimson-red dot appeared on the Commander's forehead.

The bullet penetrated his head, turned his brain into mush, and exited.

It lodged into the Right-Hand man's head.

With faces frozen in shock and in horror, the two former officers crumpled into the lake.

Liu submerged.

Underwater, he pulled his walkie-talkie out.

Operation: Silent Stallion is a go.

Battle of Level 0, Part 5 of 5
15 minutes before assassination
Base Alpha,

Stretch went to the veterans, who were protesting, wanting to join the fight.

"Why can't we join?"

"Why send the fucking newbies?"

"Fuck it!"

Stretch smirked, amusement clearly obvious.

"Well boys, you'll get your wish. All of you will be on the Black Team." In 5 minutes, we will head to Level 4, thanks to our scouts, who found a door that leads the the hub. Then, they found a wall leading to Level 4. We are going to attack the Cartographer Base."

Murmurs of excitement could be heard.

"Well, let's get ready."

The men quickly dispersed.

12 minutes before assasination

"Hup, hup, hup!"

The men stood at the entrance to the hub

"Equipment ready?"

"Yes, sir!"


Each of the men entered the door.

10 minutes before assassination

The men stood at the door to Level 4.

"Go, go, GO!"

They ran in.

5 minutes before assassination

"Sir, the Almond Lake is in sight."

"Good, now we wait."

35 seconds before assassination

A muffled "DUCK" could be heard

5 seconds before assassination

A loud explosion could be heard.

15 seconds after assassination

"Operation: Silent Stallion is a go"


From the Cartographers' base, a loud roar could be heard.

"What is that?"

"Is the M.E.G attacking?"

"How did they find us?"

"To arms, men—argh!" A bullet struck his throat.

Liu emerged from the water, A-M20 at hand with a KRISS VECTOR at backup.

"Now do you want to play, fuckers?"

Just then, the first M.E.G personnel raced through the holes. Caught by surprise and with their leader now dead, it was chaos. Most personnel surrendered immediately, and those who tried to resist were quickly cut down by Liu's SMGs.

"Fuck you."

Part 6: The Aftermath

Level 11: Unknown
One day after the battle

He looked down at the parading M.E.G, who was victorious after their victory over the Cartographers. He saw the flags being waved, the music loud and cheerful, and the cheering crowds.

"I"m going to end that cheerfulness."

He recently illegally acquired a CRN-24, an SVU-43, and a UBD-900. He remembered his plan.

First the show will start with a bullet in Stretch's face, then the rest of the Overseer's, and then the top officers from the UBD-900, bonus points if he gets Liu, his bounty hunter. Then short bursts from the CRN-24, and then spray the SVU-43 into the crowd.

Oh, he didn't introduce himself yet. His name was Jackson, Jackson Gullet, one of the few people that was deserted by the M.E.G, almost killed by a certain Colonel-now-Brigadier-General. He ran the raids against the shipments, but when a certain bounty hunter came and decimated one of his raids—killing almost 90% of his men, he stopped.

He was waiting for the Overseer's platform when he heard a small sshhhhiiissskkk.

He turned, the metal box had opened!


He brought the box to the window. The contact gave him this box for some Royal Rations at Level 6.1. They said it was very dangerous.

He opened it.

He coughed.

A fine, white, coating of dust rose.

He saw a note, he picked it up and read it.

'Fuck you, motherfucker'

He coughed, then looked down.

A ton of white blobs appeared.


He coughed harder.

Then he heard a loud SPLAT!

You died

Liu looked from his Barret MRAD. He saw everything that had happened in that apartment from an opposite apartment. The opening of the box, the burst of the lungs.

He grabbed his Grappling Crossbow, put on his Gas Mask, and ziplined down, ignoring the shrieks of the crowd below. He then took out his AA-12 and shot those motherfuckers to pieces.

Another down.

He had more important things to do.

Base Alpha, Level 0

The top officers seated around a plastic table, sitting in lawn chairs. Most of them were wearing bandages. Some were in splints, and others in wheelchairs. The only person that wasn't wearing bandages or was handicapped was Liu. The table was surprisingly quiet for a meal after winning a battle.

"Hello? Damn, this is fucking quiet."

"Of course, your the only one that's fine, you stink of blood."

"Eh, I ran into some Hounds and Smilers on my way here."

"Level 0 has Smilers?"

"Nah, I was in Level 2"


The moody silence resumed.

"I brought Turkey Legs."

"Where'd you get those?"

"Fine, I was lying, I was in Level 32."

"Ahh, I see."

"Anyways, why the somber mood, we just won a battle."

"Easy for you to say, I just want to sleep."

"Mmhm, well, you should eat."

"Fine, I'll take one for the go."

Cartographer Base, [Unknown]
One day after the battle


"Sir, we lost the battle."

"How did we LOSE."

"Honestly, sir, I do not know."

The General sat down. "How many casualties."

"300 men, 20 officers, the Commander, and his Right-hand man."

"Hold up, how did the Commander and his Right-hand man die?"

"Shot, sir, a sniper shot them. .50 Caliber bullet straight threw their heads."


"Yes, sir, it seemed like the sniper used a jeep loaded with dynamite and a timer to blow a hole through the wall and as a distraction. Due to the precautions that we took, the Commander and his Right-hand man were at the pier. The sniper used a diving suit to go through the lake and he shot them. Then, the M.E.G attacked."

"Sighs, how many?"

"Sir, we have two operable company's"

"Retreat, we need to nurse our wounds."

"Yes, sir."

M.E.G Base Alpha, Level 0
Two day after the battle.

Even though the battle happened two days ago, the Base was still bustling with activity. Men reloaded and cleaned weapons, the Overseer's prepared the next expedition, the Traders brought their good's, and Liu? He was on his Grapevine Laptop, typing away. Stretch, having healed from his wounds, sat down next to him.

"Sorry for the moody dinner last night."

"So did you actually finish the Turkey Leg?"

"Actually, yeah."

"Good, you know how much I hate fucking waste."

Stretch chuckled, "Well, the battle is over, I guess."

"Of course, we won, didn't we?"

"What are you doing?"

"Writing something.

Stretch peered over Liu's laptop. "Your recording the battle."

"Duh, of course, I'm recording this battle, are you not going to archive this fucking historic battle?"

"To be honest, a week's a bit early."

"Early? The interviews are done, the information has been retrieved, and the recordings have been recorded, I think this is the right time."

Stretch looked up, "Today's a nice day, at least for the Backrooms."


"I really meant it."

"Good to know that you aren't bored."

"Well, I have more paperwork, the Traders are looking for payment, and Kat and Andrew are still whining about their wounds, got to go."


Stretch left.

Liu looked up from his laptop, Today was a nice day.


Tale 2 is out! And this concludes the SBoL0 series!

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