Second Battle Of Level 0 One
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The Second Battle of Level 0 — Tale one

This will be divided into 2 parts, Tale 1 will have Parts 1-3, and Tale 2 will have Parts 4-6. -Captain Liu

This tale is written based on interviews of M.E.G. personnel, captured Cartographer prisoners, my own experience, and video and audio recordings -Captain Liu


Allies Opposing
M.E.G. Cartographers
B.N.T.G (Supplies) Splinters (Transportation)

Date of Battle: ██/██/████

Tale Told by: Captain Liu

(Note: This tale is purely fictional and by no means real——as with all of the Backrooms.)

Part 1: The Interception

Zero days have past, █████ days to the battle
M.E.G. Base Alpha:

Stretch sat in his chair, in his office, in Base Alpha, on Level 0, in the Backrooms. "Another boring day," he thought, which was not far from the truth. It was a rather uneventful day, well, as uneventful as the Backrooms could get. Just the usual failed infiltrations by the Skin-stealers, and the usual half-dead newbies lumbering into Base Alpha. "At least we got the last un-stolen food shipment…" he thought. Speaking of which, tensions between the M.E.G. and the Cartographers was at an all-time high. The Cartographers sent several raiding parties against the B.N.T.G., stealing quite a bit of Almond Water. Fortunately, the raiding parties have ceased since the B.N.T.G. started arming the shipments. Back to the story…Stretch met up with the other 2 Overseers, "Something isn't right…" he started.

"Obviously something isn't right, it's too…calm…down here." Interjected Overseer B, aka Kat.

"I must say that Stretch is correct, I haven't seen any Cartographer soldiers anywhere, and they seem to just shut themselves in their bases…" Overseer C, aka Andrew, said.

"Can't say he's wrong, those bastards must be up to something."

"We should attack them, attack them when they're weak"

"Alright, but by moral, we can't really just…attack without reason," Stretch said abruptly, he wasn't a fan of unnecessary fighting.

"Fuck moral, since when did the Cartographers ever have moral in their vocabulary?" argued Andrew.

"Look, guys, I know ever since the raid in Level 94, you wanted to skin those…"

"No good, evil idiots alive." finished Kat.

"But, just because their evil, does not mean we can be evil too."

"You're too soft, Stretch."

"Says the guy who wanted to release that thing to the public."

"Please, can you guys stop arguing?" Kat intervened, shutting down the argument before it even started.

"Alright, but you have to admit, it's very boring out here," Stretch said.

Cartographer Base, [Unknown]

While the Overseers in Base Alpha complained about their boredom, the soldiers and officers of the Cartographers scurried around their base like mice. It was obvious that something important was going on. The General of the base walked briskly to the Officer's tent. He walked in, everyone stood to attention "Sir!"
"Stand down, what is going on?"

"The preparations are almost ready, sir."

"How many days?"

"A week, at most."

"I want the preparations down in five days, officer"

"Sir, I meant one week until the battle starts, not that the preparations are finished."

"Ah, good, we will be taking the teleporter, so graciously provided by those scientists."



Little did they know that someone was recording.

The M.E.G. spy quickly left for Level 11 to report.

M.E.G. Base Alpha

Stretch was back in his chair, waiting, waiting, waiting, he took a sip of his cola. "Seriously, can the day get any more boring than it is now?" he thought aloud. Just then the door barged open. A messenger from the U.B.D.S. quickly dashed in. "Sir, a message from outpost Level 11! They told me to make it snappy!"

He gave Stretch the manila-colored envelope, emblazoned on it was "TOP SECRET: OVERSEERS EYES ONLY"

The messenger quickly left.

Stretch opened the envelope: The message read:


The Manila Envelope

Rumor has it old granny is planning to come over for a cup of tea next week at the yellow fair.

Stretch took another sip and decoded it.

~~ ~~
Rumor is Spies have told us.
old Granny the Cartographers
planning to come going to
for tea attack us
next week in ~5-7 days
yellow fair Level 0
~~ ~~

He spat out the cola.


That alerted the rest of the Overseers. They came over.

"Awww, is little Stretch mad because his Cola isn't textured correctly?" said Kat.

Stretch glared at them and gave them the decoding sheet and the manila-colored letter.

The rest of the Overseers' eyes widened as they decoded the message.

"WHAT?!" They both said.

"You know when I said we shouldn't attack without reason? Yeah, prepare yourselves, we're gonna fight."

"One small problem: Most of the M.E.G. task forces are on break, and considering what they have been preparing, they outnumber us 5 to 1."


Part 2: The Scramble

Three days have past, two days to the battle
M.E.G. Base Beta:

Captain Liu was walking down the street to Level 6.1, ready to meet up with another contact in order to get some Royal Rations. He was walking down the street to the bar when he overheard some people talking, he could only make out some snippets, "M.E.G…Cartographers…draft?…reserve…weapons…" He thought to himself, "It's only some rumors, that's all." Liu was part of the M.E.G. reserve force, having been the most heavily armed person in the backrooms, the M.E.G. came to him under a truce for him to affiliate himself with them. His reputation was a resume itself. Plus, he hated those damn Purple Coats. He entered the bar. Again, the same rumors could be heard. He met with the contact, traded the Package for the Royal Rations, and left. He was walking past the M.E.G. outpost when he saw a poster. What he read made his blood froze:

M.E.G. Post:

In accordance with M.E.G.
law, all recruits, task forces,
and reserve shall report to
duty at their nearest post.

Wait, what? He had to process the message several times. When he finally understood…

"Fuck…no no no no no! I am NOT going to fight for the M.E.G. again," he said. Unfortunately, that alerted a guard.

"What's going on?" the guard shouted.

Liu took a deep breath, "Nothing"

The guard looked at the poster, "Oh, yeah, sorry bud, Overseer A just released it today, something about the Cartographers coming to attack."

The mention of the Cartographers caught his attention. "Actually, bring me to your commanding officer, please"

"He's on Level 0, bud, I can arrange a U.B.D.S messenger to bring you there."

"No, I can get there myself, thank you."

The guard left, swinging the gate closed behind him.

Captain Liu sighed, he had a certain Overseer A to meet with…


M.E.G. Base Alpha:

The M.E.G. Base was hustling with activity, soldiers were running about, grabbing supplies, adding sandbag fortifications, and filing and burning important files. Once realizing what is going on, a massive boost of volunteers joined the M.E.G. However, according to the High-Command, the M.E.G. is still outnumbered 2 to 1. Captain Liu stormed into Base Alpha, marching all the way to the Overseer's offices. He was stopped by the Officers, but once they saw the look on his face, they allowed him to pass. Left…Right…Left…there. He arrived at a polished wooden door. On the door was a sign: Overseer A: Stretch. He kicked the door, it swung open. He walked to Stretch, "What…the…Fuck…is…going…ON!"

"Oh, hello Liu, how is your day."

"Perfect, what the hell is going on. What have you done."

"Hey don't blame me, blame the Cartographers."

"That is the most bullshit-ty excuse I've heard in my life."

"I'm telling the truth, they're attacking us."

He slid the letter and the decoding sheet to Liu, expecting his eyes to widen, Liu's eyes didn't widen.

"So the Cartographers are attacking this Base 0."

"Yes, yes they are."

"So do you have full Hazmat suits? Automatic weapons? Assault Rifles? Any good weapons?"

"Once, no, two, no, three, the closest thing we have is a ton of CRN-24s and SVU Shotguns."

"God who made you the leader of the M.E.G"

"Look, we wasted our Hazmat suits on Level -7, we don't know how to make automatic machine guns, and I'm quite sure the Cartographers don't have assault rifles."

Captain Liu slung his Worn Sack onto the table. Everyone knew that his Worn Sack is highly valuable, not just because it is a Worn Sack, but there were around 35 weapons in there, and not just any weapons, good weapons. He pulled out a gun that looked like an AK.

"Look, do you see this gun? I got this from killing two Cartographer soldiers. They knocked on my door, and they wanted to arrest me, Ha, those fuckers never saw it coming, 15 Kriss vector rounds!"

"Yes, and?"

"I killed them, and I got a Luger from the officer, and—this."

"It looks like an Ak-47."

"It's an StG-44, the Nazis produced a few before World War 2 ended, assigned all the best teams with this. This is an assault rifle and the reason it looks like an AK-47 is because it provided the basis for all weapons after. The Cartographers that came to arrest me carried these. I am still trying to figure out how they got these weapons."

"Can you repeat that, but say it slower."

"Arrrgh, ok, so, bad guy produce a good gun and give the good gun to their favorites. I kill a bad guy and got a good gun, so the other bad guys probably have more of these good guns, kapeesh?"


"You're supposed to say 'Kapash' but oh well, at least you understand"

"So what are we supposed to do?"

"Grab 30 or so CRNs, and start jamming them into the electrical sockets, because the Backrooms heavily favor the Cartographers, you're probably only going to get mediocre weapons like FAMA's. But any weapon like that is better than an StG-44, considering the circumstances in which we are in as of now…"

"Alright, let's get started then."

Cartographer Base, [Unkown]

The base was bustling with activity. However, it wasn't as busy as it was before. The preparations are being made, and the officers decided that the weaker, smaller teams were to train a little bit more. However, the other teams were very busy, cleaning their rifles, carrying large packets of food, filling their canteens with Almond Water, and getting some last-minute sleep. The Officer's tent, on the other hand, was very loud. The General was giving the officer's a last round of instructions.

"Alright, men, in three days, we shall attack the enemy and claim the victory of our glorious fatherland!"

There was a lot of nodding and agreement. One person even shouted, "Hear, hear!"

"Do all of you know your plans?"

Most of the men nodded.

"Well, I am going to review it one more time…'

The men pulled out their notepads and pencils.

"In around two days, a few of those scientists will come into the base will a lot of bags, they will say the code, which is 'For the Fatherland', they will be let in, and once inside, they will unpack the bags, which will have ██ teleporters, then, under their specific instructions, we will be whisked away to the level with the yellow paper. Got it? This is the most delicate part."

The rest of the officers nodded.

"Good, then, we will first send the weak group, to soften up their defenses, then, we will send the main force. There shall be no mercy on those fools, if you see any, go after them."

"But sir…"

"No buts, that is an order, Hans."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Now, with this battle plan, I can guarantee that we will win and liberate the Backrooms from this M.E.G madness, for the Republic, for the Queen, for the army!"

"For the Republic, for the Queen, and for the army!"

"You are all dismissed."

Unbeknownst to the rest of the officers, one officer was a spy, and his notebook was a recorder. He hurried off to go to the contact sight to report to Level 11.

Part 3: The Preparations

Four days have past, one day to the battle
M.E.G. Base Alpha:

Stretch looked around, sipping his coffee, he saw the soldiers are still running around the base. Seriously, they need to get some rest. However, he could not blame them. According to the Logistics Team, the Cartographers' attack will come in 1 day. Any sleep would not be possible. He went over to a small group of people jamming a bunch of weapons into electrical sockets. He was beginning to call them "Jammers" because they were always jamming weapons. Then again, Liu was the one who ordered them to start jamming weapons. He took another sip, "How is everything going?"

"Good, we are on the last batch of weapons."

"What type of weapons did you get?"

"FAMAS's. all G1's. Still not the G2 Liu has."

"Shame, anything else?"

"Nah—" Just then one of their CRN-24s' fell through the floor. *POP*

It was replaced by a P90.

"What the FUCK?"

"Eh, it seems like the Backrooms actually pitied us this time, it seems like it wants a good fight."

"Continue on then, men."

Just then another U.B.D.S messenger can up to Stretch, "Sir, another envelope from Base Beta."

Sure enough, it was manila-colored and had the: TOP SECRET: OVERSEERS EYES ONLY on it.

He opened the envelope, inside was a letter:

Granny is coming via car, not walking, she set the time for tomorrow: 5eRkQud, www.█████████.com.

On the decoding sheet was one word:

~~ ~~
car Hermes device
~~ ~~

Stretch immediately understood, there was no need for the decoding sheet. He opened his Laptop and, sure enough, there was a WiFi network called: 5eRkQud. He clicked it—Please enter a password.


He looked again, the envelope didn't have anything, the decoding sheet di—hold up, someone wrote on the decoding sheet:


Go Get Em' Tiger!

It said, "Go Get EM' Tiger!" -Base Beta

He looked at it closely; "Hold up, those look too small to be space marks…"

Something clicked.

He inputted the passcode: "GoGetEmTiger"

The WiFi connected. Score!

Now, for step two, he inputted the website.


Please Input Administration Credential Password:

Go Get 'Em Tiger!

Password Accepted…Accessing Website

The website was all dark, except for one recording.

Stretch listened to it, his eyes widened.

Hell, it was the whole fucking recording of their plans!

Base Beta:

A U.P.D.S came up to the commanding officer, "Sir an envelope from Base Alpha!"

He looked at it, on it said: RE: TOP SECRET: OVERSEERS EYES ONLY

He opened it, there was one sheet of white paper:

Let's bring our fucking mole home, shall we?

He smiled, chuckled, and got to work.

Cartographer Base, [Unknown]

"Officers, are all of your men ready."

"Yes, Sir"

"Good, in order to make sure, I will be calling company names, if your company name is called, nod."

They all nodded

"Good, then…"

Ten minutes later

"Company B"


"Company C"




"Somone find me——George B. Kampfen"

They all ran.

Five minutes later

"Sir, we can't find him, his quarters are bare, no evidence, I believe he deserted."

"Argh, he is probably into M.E.G. hands, no matter, we shall still destroy them, have the next highest officer of Company C fill him in and tell him our plans."

"But sir, our plans will be leaked to the M.E.G., they will know our plans—"

"No BUTS, Hans"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now, in fifteen minutes, the Splinter will arrive, be prepared."

Base Alpha:

Liu came back to Base Alpha, having jammed another few weapons to get a few more submachine guns and rifles. Another 3, makes it 36 now. He went to the officer's level. Considering he is a common face in Base Alpha, entry was granted pretty easily. // Left…Right…Left// He walked all the way to Stretch's office. He kicked open the door. Stretch was doing paperwork. He looked
up, "Do you always have to kick my door?"

"Yeah, I don't do knocking, anyways, how is the work."

"28 of the 30 CRN's have converted. we got 27 FAMAS G1's and 1 P90."

"Not bad, let me guess, the P90 was because the Backrooms took pity on you."

"Yup, on the other hand, look at what I got."

"5eRkQud, never heard of that WiFi signal."

"Mmhm, it lets me access this website, come site, please."

He turned on the recording, Liu listened to the recording.

"Please tell me you didn't bring the spy back."

"Oh, well, fuck?"

"Considering that most of the Cartographers are smart, they probably already changed plans."


"Sigh, it's too late to change, now, Let's get the plans started, first, do you have the Hazmat suits?"

"Yes, I do, 8 of them."

"Good, now, assuming that Rixa Gas is super expensive, as they only bought three cans, I can predict that they won't use them all, first we will send a forward team, and they will be loud."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean they will be shouting 'M.E.G., show yourself, lay down your arms.', and based on your recording, they will follow them. Now, the forward team will retreat from the Rixa infected area, and then, they will follow. As they used up all of their gas, we will fight, now, we have a secret plan."

"What is it."

Do to an unfortunate accident, this part of the recording failed.

"Got it?"


"Let's roll this into action."


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