Hiya! It’s me, Scutoid. I’m a moderator here, and an admin on the Fandom wiki. Here’s all the stuff I’ve done here, organized by type.

I love writing for the Backrooms! I'm currently a co-owner of Industrialization Canon and owner of Desolation Canon.

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Go raibh céad míle maith agat!

Level 184 (link)

The Field of Forgotten Forts9 Feb 2023

This one’s good, I like it. It’s completely safe, it’s just nice. It’s good. It’s delightful, even. Why would you ever want to leave it? Well, like, you can just exit it at random so maybe it won’t be your final resting place or anything lmao. It’s inspired by Ireland a lot, but I didn’t take the photos. They’re real good photos, aren’t they? Found them while looking for photos for Level 10.

Level 10 (link)

Bumper Crop3 Apr 2023

Controversial for some, especially on this site (the rewrite was first posted to Fandom with more universally positive feedback), but I’m quite happy with this rewrite. I think the images give a better vibe than the last version’s, e.g. the wheat is golden now instead of green, and I think the wheat being… well… makes it more engaging. The wheat’s lacking in nutritional content, so you’ll starve if you eat it. It won’t poison you, if that’s what you thought. But I think a page like this should give you a little room to have a different idea than I had, since the wheat being poisonous would make for a good tale. Anyways, this page gives a bit of story to a level which before was a bit of a mishmash of ideas which I thought both didn’t make the level interesting enough and ruined the liminal vibe of it. Archers?

Room (link)

Red Rooms18 Apr 2023

I’m a big fan of the Red Rooms as a concept, so that’s why I rewrote it! Its old page wasn’t that good. I’m a fan of the concept of it though, it’s just… pretty horrifying, right? You’re already disraught at this whole being stuck in the backrooms thing and then you make a wrong turn and you’re trapped forever. And you see this tally on the wall, but nobody around to have written it. So who wrote it, and what happened to them… OH.

desolation Level 4 (link)

blue office10 Jul 2023

this is a desolation canon page which is level 4. wouldn't you believe it?? well ok so this is a pretty interesting one — i actually had a whole thing about trying to figure out how to boil water on level 4 in the discord server, until we just realised i could add kettles. so, that's why those are there. there'll be a sub-level out soon for this one which'll be called 'the hospital', stay tuned.

GOI/Canon Theme (link)

Indus4 Nov 2022

I am not proud of this one, I knew very little of CSS at the time and so it's really not all that. It's got a lot of good design ideas to it, and I liked it at the time, and I do think Eggi and Jamie did a great job, but I am just not proud of how this turned out lmao.

GOI/Canon Theme (link)

Backrooms Robotics New22 Feb 2023

If you were going to use Indus theme for anything, please please please PLEASE use this instead. It's nicer, it's more readable, it's based on UEC theme which makes it awesome, all the good stuff. This is the actual theme used on the Industrialization Canon Hub even!

Site Theme (link)

NuLiminal1 Jun 2023

You already know this one, don't you?

Site Theme (link)

NuTerminal1 Jun 2023

Dark version of NuLiminal, use it as an alternative to Liminal Grayspace and as a base for if you want to make a new dark theme.

GOI/Canon Theme (link)

Watch Your Back8 Jun 2023

The theme for Desolation Canon, a liminal canon. I'll say no more!

site Theme, digital theme (link)

liminal sigma14 jul 2023

a theme which is based on scp sigma 9. it'll kind of make this author page look like garbage but take a look at it it's super cool

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