Scouting Report A 34c
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[ [Scouting Report: A-34C. Brandon Cooper.] ]

Body found in Level 1 today.

Corpse was absolutely smashed, blunt force trauma. Real visceral shit but not the work of any Entity I've heard of. Most Entities would have taken a bite or transformed the poor fuck, this guy was just paste. Still had hands and feet though, and a couple ribs left intact to tell he was definitely human.

What's really strange was the leftover equipment. Whoever this was they were packing some serious gear. We found smashed circuitry and a dented helmet, wires everywhere, and what looked like a broken firearm right out of Star Wars. Inside this guys backpack was food. Like, real food. Cured meat. Sourdough bread. It seemed fit to eat so we took it with us. Nearly brought me to tears tasting a slice of home.

The real reason they're making me file this scouting report was for the portable HD that was tucked away in his bag. We figured it was busted but brought it back to base anyways with the rest of the scrap. Luck would have it - we tested it out and it's totally fine. Chocked FULL of data. Couple terabytes of info but the formatting was all sorts of weird. Figured the data was encrypted for safe keeping - we can’t get a sniff of information about what's on that thing.

Gave it to the research team for investigation and they're throwing everything they can at it to crack into the files. Might just have a way to get home somewhere in that hard drive. Who knows?

Scouting team got back without issue though, no casualties. Happy to report we kept the boys safe.

[ [ End of Report ] ]

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