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Ross, the one.

Hi, I'm Ross.
I'm a 23 year old French student that's studying in IT stuff, I want to get into the video game industry and create my company.

As you may have guessed by now, this is my author page. I will use it as a board where I can talk about the articles I've written, why I wrote them and what I was having in mind as I did.
It's small for now, but will get bigger and bigger as I'm having new ideas of stuff to put around here !

Before we go further, dear reader, I need to be honest with you. I'm making a lot of SPaG errors. Yes, my articles look clean, but it's only due to the work of the critiquers from the discord that are doing an amazing job. They help me purify my articles from all the nasty stuff I put in them.

I won't let anyone correct me for this author page. As such, here, you will be eating some raw Ross' content.
Prepare your eyes, dear reader, as you're about to walk down a difficult path.

You can find me on discord with the tag Ross#7099. I'm open to PM, feel free to come by and say hi !

The theme I'm using is this one.

My articles, by order of creation:

Hanc Insitus (+12)

Party List (+39)

Mind Palace (+31)

Level 15 (+51)

Entity-41-FR (+22)

I also worked on :

Entity 195 (+37)

If you want to read more about them:

Hanc… He's POI sheet is my first article on the website, and I'm happy how it ends up.

He's one of my OCs that I've used in some other media and roleplay. What I like about him is that… It's a guy. Yeah, simply a guy. He doesn't have an overwhelming past, powers or wicked personality.
He's a blank canvas and I want people to like him thanks to his actions and not for some crazy personality that can't be expanded on.

That boy is a part of the Omenscript cannon and I can't wait to write tales about him !

And now, what ?

That's all the stuff I'm currently working on :

- The FR branch !!!
- A map of the Backrooms !
- An achievements sheet for the characters.
- Some other fun stuff <3

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