What are rooms?

Rooms are special locations that appear on specific Levels. Rooms typically follow the theme of the Levels they appear on. Rooms are not infinite, nor are they very big which is the main reason why these are labeled as Rooms.

Whats the difference between a Level and a Room?

A Room is considered to be a part of a Level. There may be multiple different Rooms on one Level. Though they're typically are much smaller than the Level, this is not directly a rule.

Naming Rooms

Although Rooms are often described with, and titled with "the [room name]", the URL location should just be "[room name]".

Rooms Mainlist:

Normal Rooms:

These are Rooms that are found easily, typically only on one Level.

Level 0:
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 11:
Level 178:

Negative Rooms:

These are Rooms found on Negative Levels

Any Negative Level:

Unknown Rooms:

These Rooms have unknown entry points, and are typically unstable



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