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Greetings, I am RiemannHypothesis (or FoodPieIntegration). I like mathematics and anything related to scientific fields. Fiction and horror are some of my favorite genres in literature!


Backrooms Author,
Semi-active Greenlighter,
Junior Staff,

My Pages (In Chronoligcal Order):

Level 270
Published and greenlit on December 30th, 2021. Although it was my first article, it definitely wasn't my proudest work.
+25 Ratio: 100%

Level Induced Fear
Published and greenlit on January 13th, 2022. This was a revamp or a 'redone' article that deviated from a sublayer of Level 4 that I decided to write but was way too similar to its parent level. Because of this, new features were added to add to the horror of being alone and the feeling of vagueness by including its non-existence (concept isn't very special in my opinion).
+20 Ratio: 87%

Level 44
Published and greenlit on February 5th, 2022. This was the first page where I decided to fully put my attention on the initial feeling of the Backrooms; the effects of non-linearity, nostalgia, and being lost.
+36 Ratio: 92%

Level 850
Published and greenlit on February 15th, 2022. This was more of an amalgamation between Level 44 and Induced Fear. I decided to mix them up to make a finished product, and it worked fantastically.
+28 Ratio: 100%

Level 995
Published and greenlit on February 20th, 2022. Here is the point where I decided to provide concepts that reached outside the box by including philosophical statements of reality. That the fusion of two universes causes distortions between them.
+22 Ratio: 87%

Light Wires
Published and greenlit on February 26th, 2022. I decided to make something unique by introducing several objects within the same category and including major scopes in the concept. I am not capable of remembering the reason why I chose wires instead of something else, but it turned out pretty decent.
+11 Ratio: 78%

Level 8.1
Published and greenlit on April 2nd, 2022. This was my first sublayer that I put on public view. The concept in my opinion could be improved a little bit, but I am glad about the overall execution of it.
+40 Ratio: 100%

Entity 999
Published and greenlit on June 12th, 2022. This article was my first attempt to creating an entity. I've never "really" liked making entities since I was more fascinated with spaces and their properties. But alas, I am proud of the end result.
+42 Ratio: 100%

Level 735
Published on October 22nd/23rd 2023 as a submission for the writing contest Classicon2023.
+22 Ratio: 92%

More to come…

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