Rewrite Policy

Step 1: Permission:

Whenever you want to rewrite an article, you must first get permission. Who you need to get permission from depends on the type of article.

NOTICE: As of 02/12/22, a new requirement has been added: If you have applied for a rewrite, but have never had an original work of yours greenlit and published before, you must also provide a polished sandbox draft of your own original work for the Rewrite Team to review!

Types of Articles:

In Deletion:

If an article has a rating of -1 or is approaching that rating, you need to get permission from staff or the original author to rewrite it. Articles that are tagged with "in-rewrite" are exempt from the deletion process unless the person rewriting it says that they are fine with the article being deleted.

Fandom Imports:

Most articles that list "Anonymous Fandom User" in the author collapsible, or specify that the author was a fandom user are fandom imports from the previous wiki. Some Fandom imports list Reddit usernames instead or don't have any author collapsible at all. If you're not sure whether or not an article is a fandom import, you can ask a staff member. Fandom imports require permission from staff to be rewritten.

Deleted Articles:

See below.

Your Own Articles:

See below.

Anything Else:

For any articles that are not Fandom imports and are positively rated, you must get permission from the original author or the current owner of the article1.

All rewrites require a greenlight no matter if you have exemption or not.

Contacting the Author:

Contacting the Author:2

Usually, the best way to contact the author is through discord. If they are in the discord server, you can ping them or DM them asking for permission to rewrite an article. If you're not sure of their discord username, you can ask around in the server. The other way to contact authors is through a Wikidot PM which you can do by clicking on their username, and clicking "Write private message". Remember to always be polite when requesting a rewrite, and don't pressure them into giving permission. The decision on whether or not a work can be re-written is always up to the author. The original author may also have conditions for the rewrite, such as requesting that they get to look over the draft of the article before it gets posted. If you are unable to get into contact with the author, then you cannot rewrite the article.

Informing Staff:

Please inform a member of staff when you decide to apply for a rewrite. Staff keeps track of all rewrites so that they can confirm that an author has given permission and so they can make sure no one else tries to rewrite the article. All rewrites are logged and kept track of on the Staff Wiki.


You are only allowed to have 3 active rewrites at any given time. This includes articles which you have completed drafts for.

Step 2: Writing the Article:


There are no rules regarding the content of the article. You can stick to the same basic premise of the original article, or you can put a completely new spin on it. The only exception to this is if the original author requests that some concepts remain intact.

Time Limits:

Once you get permission, you have 3 months to finish a draft for the rewrite. If you do not complete a draft within this time period, a few things will happen.

  • The article will lose the "in-rewrite" tag.
  • If the article has a rating of -1 or below -1 for more than 48 hours, it will be deleted.
  • Anyone else can request rewrite privileges for the article.
  • You can still rewrite the article after this point unless someone else requests to rewrite it.

Step 3: Posting the Article:

How To Post:

There are two options when it comes to posting your article.

  • Ask staff to delete the original article, and then post your rewrite in its place.
  • Edit the original article.3

The former option is recommended, as it allows the person who rewrote the article to be the creator and owner of the page, as well as resetting any votes.

Special Cases:

There are several cases in which the rules don't apply, they are as follows.

Your Own Articles:

For articles that you are the original author of, you don't need to get permission from anyone, and you aren't subject to the time limit. The only exception to this is if the article is in deletion range, in which case, you would have to tell staff and you would be subject to the time limit.

Disallowed Rewrites:

There are certain users who have disallowed rewrites of their works, you may find this list here.

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