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I've lost all humanity. The life I led, the dreams I had, the family I left behind … none of it mattered now. Through those endless hallways I had walked, my only objective to escape. The things I saw — I ran away from them not because I was scared, not because I wanted to live, but because I wanted to escape this hell. Why did I want to escape?

I get no pleasure from anything anymore. It's like a constant stream of apathy, dissatisfaction, like all the happiness from my life was being squeezed out of me with a giant pair of tweezers. Ha. There's a funny thought; I could laugh. But I can't. Nothing is funny. Nothing is sad. There's just these rooms, and I have to escape.

My lifeforce deteriorating, I contemplated suicide. Wasn't such a bad idea, actually; only that there was no way to easily do it. I'll look for one, I thought.

I had met another person in the rooms, they had a nice backpack. I think they tried to talk to me, and I grunted back and continued. No time for interaction here. Just escape.

I found a gun on the ground.

It was time.

I felt the cold steel of the barrel inside my mouth and pulled the trigger.

In that last moment of desperation — of cold, unfeeling, desperation — I had suddenly remembered my old life, and what I had left behind. I couldn't give it all away now, I had to escape.

But it was too late. The bullet pierced through my skull, tearing away the last hope I had.

I was suddenly in the clouds. The world had disappeared around me — well, the 'world'. Was this the afterlife? Still, in this 'afterlife', I couldn't let my life go. I didn't want it to end. No; I couldn't let it end. I dropped to my knees on the cold clouds.

"LET ME LIVE!" I cried into the void. "I WANT MY LIFE BACK!"

Silence. Of course. Nothing would save me now; it was too late. All that was left was to-

Suddenly, I had returned to that godforsaken Level 0. It was still hell, for sure, but I had a second chance.

I would never throw it away again.

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