The Red Rooms
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Area: Level 0

The Red Rooms are rooms found in Level 0.


These rooms are like the halls of Level 0, but they're blood-red instead of mono-yellow, same with it's carpet, but still moist. These rooms are mostly normal an the usual for Level 0, although, there are some strange things that can happen. In these halls you can hear knocking from behind the walls, and floors. It is theorized that the source of the sound is coming from an unknown Entity, although this is unknown. In these rooms. These rooms are unknown if they are extremely dangerous or not, as groups get split-up while traveling together, it is theorized that these rooms changes it's structure randomly, as walls appear where there was none to begin with. The Entity count has seemingly decreased in these rooms, to where no entities were recorded. Furniture spawns here like normal, and entrances and exits to different Levels still work here. These rooms are mostly unknown, and are still being explored.

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