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hey. what's up. i'm rat
(short for rattmann, ratholemew, ratthew, take your pick.)
or draven if you want to be formal.
welcome to my author page.
stay here for as long as you'd like.




Entity 89 - "Ants"

Ants are a collective of small, fuzzy, round creatures who only seem to enjoy huddling around the darkest corners of rooms.

Entity 18 - "The Beast of Level 5" {REWRITE}

No need for names, don't worry, I know very well who you are. What is it you call me again? The Beast of Level 5? Goodness, talk about a way to treat your business partner.

Entity 135 - "The Bellhopper"

I do not know when you came into my life, but ever since you did I was unable to ever take my eyes off of you.

Entity 185 - "The Comedian"

Now, let me know if you've heard this one before…

Entity 111 - "The Housekeeper"

The creature keeps on doing what she does. She's not hurting anyone, not yet, of course. She's just doing her job.

Persons Of Interest

"Colias Kowalski"

"…Yes…? They are my friends. They don't hurt you if you don't hurt them."

"Ryan Scrawling"

"Life's funny, you know, one minute I'm trying to clear my head- and the next I'm in some fucked up underworld of sorts."


"run, run away."

A lonely child sits alone by their school’s swing set. They watch as the other children play and laugh. They think to themself, wondering what it’s like to be able to get to know people so easily. It feels almost as if they’re being quietly mocked for never learning things that they weren't even taught.


it's for the greater good, at least.

Level 90 - "Newly Renovated Home"

So, like, listen, Level 90 used to be real bad. And we mean real bad. But don't worry— our team got straight to work to make it a great, wonderful, habitable place for you!

you're free to write any tales, articles, etc. involving my characters/concepts however i would much prefer being contacted about it thru pm first. (especially if you're planning to write something with my characters specifically.)


if you're curious as to what i do outside of the wiki,
i have a tumblr where i post most of my art. check it out here
i also have a webcomic that i am currently working on,
you can check that out here!


thanks for stopping by !

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