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Welcome to the Arcadex Facility. This sacred temple is where all of our lands most sacred texts are held. Feel free to peruse the stacks, and learn of the many wonders that await you here.

I am Raptor472, the founder and overseer for the Arcadex Facility.

I am a tiny, gay, cat girl who is currently hiding from the authorities in the hills of the great white north. I am an aspiring author, and am learning to better my skills through writing for this wiki. I enjoy writing in a plethora of different styles and genres. From horrors of Level 242, to the funny scrimblos that are Entity 20.

If you ever need to contact me for whatever reason, my Discord is: Raptor472#1916 (my nickname on the TS server is The Queen Of Aragön). Feel free to ping or message me at any time.

As much as I would love to write more, I'm pretty sure the cops have found me, and I need to start running.


An image of The Overgrowth.

Level Name: The Overgrowth

Level ID: 374

Class: Biohazard

Discovery date: 30/2/21

Brief description:

Level 374 or the Overgrowth is the 375th level of the Backrooms. It is a vast, overgrown train tunnel filled with unique flora and fauna. The level is home to an assortment of plants native to Level 374, including two that M.E.G. have deemed as important. These plants are the Aralien flower and Lux-shrooms. Currently there are two groups located within Level 374, the M.E.G. and the Botanists of Level 374.


An image of a Scit.

Enitity Name: Scit

Entity ID: 20

Brief description:

Entity 20, referred to as Scits, are a small crustaceous species that stem from the Anomalocarididae family — which went extinct in the Frontrooms around 448 million years ago. Scits infest almost every known level of the Backrooms — with the only currently known level to not contain any being Level 6. Due to how common they are, alongside their edibility, scits have become one of the primary forms of nutrition in the Backrooms.


An image of The Fields Of Rot.

Level Name: The Fields Of Rot

Level ID: 242

Class: Deadzone

Brief description:

Level 242 was discovered by M.E.G. a task force comprising teams "Psi-11" and “Cytokine Storm” of Regiment Compass Point, as well as a few additional operatives — consisting of 23 members total — during an exploration of Level 444. During the exploration, the task force came across a set of large, bronze-colored double doors. After requesting and receiving approval to enter the doors, the task force went completely radio silent. Contact between the task force and the M.E.G. was lost for a total of 23 days and 4 hours, before a message was received from one of the task force members requesting immediate assistance and medical care.


An image of The Hotel.

Level Name: The Hotel

Level ID: Desolate 5

Class: 2

Brief description:

As the name suggests, Level 5 is made up of infinite winding corridors and rooms, which mimic the design of an old hotel from sometime between the late 1920's and early 1930's. The level's aesthetic can be described as luxurious, with walls covered in a mahogany-red and gold ornate wallpaper, and floors soft with freshly cleaned pattern rugs. Various chairs of scarlet and gold detail can be found decorating the rooms, along with a myriad of other decorations. This includes objects such as potted plants, ornate picture frames, bookshelves filled with unreadable text, hanging chandeliers, and standing lamps.

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