Radio Backrooms' Studio
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A photo of Radio Backroom's studio

Radio Backrooms is the official radio channel of the Backrooms. It is directed by Ralph, the unique entity of this room.


This room look like an average radio studio. It's one of the safest rooms, since every hostile creature (entity or human) that tries to enter will be instantly killed by Ralph's Shotgun. This room has:

  • A chair, when sitting on it the person will instantly feel rest and will not get tired again while sitting on it.
  • A computer desk.
  • A PC with infinite storage space. (Ralph can lend it to you if you are nice)
  • A small TV, most of the time shows static, but sometimes shows people wandering through the Backrooms. The mechanism that makes this work is unknown.
  • A clock.
  • A mirror, it is not recommended to look at it.
  • Advanced Radio equipment cobbled together by Ralph himself.

This room also connects with a guests room where people are supposed to wait until is their turn to act in the radio show, this room includes:

  • 3 armchairs, these have the same properties as the chair in the studio but significantly reduced.
  • A coffee table.
  • An infinite coffee machine.
  • And a vending machine. Ralph has been observed refilling the machine, it is unknown where he gets his supplies.


Ralph is a unique entity that lives here, He has the appearance of a common middle-age man. It seems that he doesn't eat nor sleep. He rarely talks about his past. Some people have said that "his gaze produces an indescribable calm". He likes talking with people, and if you are lucky, you can be added in the show "Talkin with Ralph" as a special guest. He also likes coffee, but he rarely drinks because he doesn't have the milk to accommodate it.

A Reddit user said that Ralph asked him to give him some milk, he also said that he could give him some "juicy secrets" about the backrooms in reward. Due to this assertion it is believed that Ralph could be an important information trader.

Radio Backrooms

The most important part of this room is the radio channel. In words of Ralph "this channel broadcasts 29 hours a day, 456 days a year". It's unknown if this phrase is literal or a joke. The channel has several programs which include "Level of the day", "Talkin with Ralph" and "Survival 101" In between the programs Ralph usually puts on music, this is the best time to talk to him and he may ask guests for song requests.

You can tune into "Radio Backrooms" in every level with any device capable of listening to a radio channel. There are reports of Radio Backrooms suddenly playing in random devices even if they have no battery or are not connected to power. This has killed at least one person by heart attack.

See some excerpts of the show below:

I'm sure you have had some problems surviving here, in fact living here is not that easy, so a few tips to improve your survival skills in The Backrooms never hurt, right? That's why today I'm inaugurating a new program called "Survival 101" !

First my biggest advice is to find a group, even if you don't plan to join them, most groups are friendly with newbies and will help you adapt to your new life. Some might give you the "Basics of the backrooms; A Guide" which is useful but only at the beginning of your adventure.

For your first "days" I recommend you find Camp Amber in Level 0 they are open to trade and can give you instructions to reach The Hub, one of the safest Levels of The Backrooms and critical if you want to wander around.

….Ralph talks around 30 more minutes about first aid techniques and almond water….

Entrances and Exits

You can enter this room through many levels, the easiest way is by finding a Radio Station in Level 11 or by finding a door that says "Radio Backrooms" in Level 4 and Level 21.

To exit you just need to use the same door that you used to enter, this will always lead you to Level 11 regardless of the level you entered.

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