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:Arc @[tag≠MindMem]
:UnArc @
:If Casualties>=10


prompt: open missionhistory.txt

>No file found at this location.

how long has it been?
how many times have I done this?

it says the behavior reward tokens are being awarded, so why don't I feel any happier?

I'm fulfilling my purpose

is this my purpose?

it has to be

prompt: define

Finding desired word from context… [100%]

Connecting to Chasmanet… [100%]

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
"The purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee."
verb (formal)
Have as one's intention or objective.
"God has allowed suffering, even purposed it."

is that why?
who would God be in this hellscape?

have I killed them?

:If M>4

$I require assistance. [97%]
$Oh my! Apologies, my deer. I didn't sea you there. [83%]
$I have come inns search of purpose. [91%]
$I'm not N tiredly sure what you mean…? [75%]


$tell me, you are the giver of knowledge, correct?
$I suppose.
$who is god?
$Well, that's up to you, isn't it? Religion in general has always been an interesting topic to me. Perhaps you'd like to check out something from my library? We do have quite a few studies on-
$are you god?
$…That's debatable.
$can you give me purpose?
$Your own purpose is up to you, dear.
$does this archive have any flame retardant in place?
$Not quite, but you can't just-
$do you have an immune system?
$I mean, no-
$what substances do you require to stay alive?

$Oh! It looks like we have a guest today! Man, I can't remember the last time I had a visitor!
$it is nice to meet you. tell me. what do you know of purpose?
$Well, I know my purpose is to dispense my wisdom to the masses! Whatever that means. I'm not entirely sure. I think it has something to do with ants!
$What are you? Are you a whale?
$Uh, well, follow your heart, I guess!


fr agm ent e d

$for how long?

wh ole toge the r

$I wonder where it came from.

hex ad ecim al

$not if ΣΩ8-i^1.01=∞.

fal ling ap art

$and what can we do about him?

th e fu tur e


how much longer?

prompt: missions()


how much more?

how many others?

if I could ask him…

but what could go beyond death?

As the Great Rampart pulsed with ancient energy, the robot stood silently in place.
This power, once faded with time, now stood stronger than ever in the face of infinite danger.
Someone from the very beginning of humanity, power whittled away by newcomers, who still held on to his small plot of land…

Would one like this know of purpose?

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