Prophet Davies
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ID: Amor Incrementum : Prophet Davies STATUS: UNKNOWN


[NAME]: Emerson Davies

Last Known Location(s): Level 499, Level 11, Level 6.1

Short Description:

Emerson Davies is a white, lanky, brown-haired British man who is reportedly regarded as a "prophet" for the group Amor Incrementum. Information about Emerson himself is scarce— the few interactions that have been reported to involve him all took place in the span of a single day. He seems to have left Level 499, made his way into Level 6.1, and was later brought to Joey Levisay1 on Level 11. His whereabouts and status are currently unknown. Information about Emerson is highly requested by the M.E.G, as a consistent source of information on Amor Incrementum could prove to be valuable given the group's evasive nature.

Given that we don't have much of a "description" of Emerson, aside from the picture provided2, we figured it would be more effective to list the two total interactions recorded. If any more interactions occur, feel free to contact us at any M.E.G. base.

Eyewitness Account #1 Log Date: 07/20/21

Letter received from an anonymous traveler, describing Emerson entering Level 6.1 and then referring him to Joey Levisay. Included to give a better description of the prophet and flesh out the constructed timeline we're working on.

Hey! Not sure who this'll be reaching, but I figured I should send it along anyways. Not sure who this guy is, even! All I know at the moment is that he's pretty distraught and says he's from that… er, plant cult? I think it was whatever that one on 4 is. "Amor" something? Beats me. I suggested he go look for that Levisay person over on 11, told him that they had helped me a lot when my partner passed on.

Anyways, the point of this was to let you all know that I was recommending him to you and that he says he could be in danger. Despite being sort of outrageous, when I asked him why he was on 6.1, he just… shut down. Mumbled that he was only permitted to leave to go on a "recruiting" mission and that he'd spent hours trying to subtly ditch his entourage. I told him that if something was going on that the M.E.G folks were his best bet, and I hope I was right. I didn't know him and frankly considered him annoying for a while, but that shift in his mood was… it hurt to see.

I still think he's obnoxious, though.

Eyewitness Account #2 Log Date: 07/21/21

A partial report written by Joey Levisay post their meeting with the prophet.

Hello. Joey Levisay here, from Team Lavender. It seems that I was asked for a summary on that guy that interrupted my shopping. I think I told him he should head back to the building we operate out of, but I don't think he ever actually went there. He was desperate for help at that exact moment, and I think I did the best I could to help. Mostly focused on steadying his breathing. He was somewhat drunk, probably came straight from Level 6.1 and seemed like he was seriously spiraling. Stress-induced paranoia was my initial impression, but it'd be unfair to say that after barely having spent an hour with the guy.

Pretty much, he came in and he was all panting and seemed like he was near crying, and so I turned around and was shocked 'cause I was just picking up some food and tea for the rest of the team— but then he says, 'Hey, someone told me to look for a Levisay? Do you know where I could find them?', and I'm a bit shocked that he apparently found me on his first try, but I go 'Yeah, I know them, haha, that's me'3 and ask why he needed me. He gave me his full name and said he was on the run from the GOI that deals with the plants and such. I asked why, naturally, and he responded with nothing other than that 'he fucked up so bad' and 'it wasn't supposed to go this far' before I started us on those breathing practices.

After I helped calm him down, we started just talking and I let him vent to me a bit. Given that this is likely gonna be shared to the public database and the things he mentioned4 didn't seem to be threatening to his health, I'll refrain from sharing until I can be sure I have explicit permission. We may be a half-assed, ragtag team of therapists here on Team Lavender, but we try our best to take the good practices from real world practitioners. Hope any of this was helpful.

— Joey Levisay

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