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Good day to you all, I'm Captain Liu, just call me Captain or Liu. A random dude a teenager who lives in [Data Expunged], wait you thought I was going to tell you my address? Hmmm. I am ███████-████████, but I also know English, Chinese, and Spanish (Though my speaking skills more aligns with a horse than a human) Discord name is "wait wat" (It's designed so you CAN'T DM ME), if you someone dm me without permission, be prepared to get blocked and have me write "unknown, super sus," on your profile description. Good at school, if you get permission (Which is very unlikely), I'll help you with math. I have two alt accounts: ██████████████, and [Data Expunged], Anyways, here are some Entries I created:

Come see my sandbox Hub, Hub 360!


Level 275 - "The Swimming Pool"
Level 377 - "The BRP-NPS"
Level 310 - "Halloween!"
Hidden Valley - "Hidden Valley"(In Progress)
Level 9.1.1 - "The Mangled Nest" (In the Planning)
The Catacombs - "The Catacombs" (In the Planning)
Level - "Abandoned Digsite" (In the Planning)


Object 36 - "The Grappling Crossbow: M.E.G Records"
Weapons - "Weapons" [Collab]







Entity 144 - "Food Traps"

*Canon (Characters)*

Thank you Knafflad for the CSS code

Captain Liu "Lucky Liu" FengAffliation: Neutral



Most Heavily Armed Person in the Backrooms that isn't wanted

Nicknames: Lucky Liu
Fell in on February 14, 2014, (Or 12? I forgot)
Current Age: 26
Ethnicity: British
Likes: Royal Rations (duh), selling Ammo, kicking ass, and going to Level 32, Level 6.1, and Level 73
Dislikes: Holes, waste, and assholes
Where can you find him: Look at Likes

Anyway, let's see, in the backrooms, I'm still Liu, actually, I created this account because of my email. Former M.E.G personnel, I left after some quarrels with the higherups. I'm distrustful (which I am in real life), smart—actually lemme show my traits in a Fallout: Special form.


Killed 3 Outcasts (Outcome: 3 dead Outcasts, 1 Makarov, 1 AK-74, 1 AK-47, and 1 AKM.)
Participated in the Second Battle of Level 0

UnknownAffliation: Mercenary


[Anomynous Person]

Who knows what traits this person has…

Nicknames: Redacted
Fell in on Redacted,
Current Age: 32
Ethnicity: American (German Immigrant)
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Where can you find him: Unknown

Introduction is not available

Please Stand By.

Data erased
Connection Lost


Assassinated [Redacted] on ██/██/████

Hmm, I think that's it.

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