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Start the video KOKO.

Opening file: ProductDisplay.mp4


"—nd with that, welcome the CEO of Backrooms Robitics, Yellow!"

"HellooOOoo humanity!"

"Humanity", hah… what a joke.


"Alright, alright calm down. Now, I know most of you know who I am."

[More clapping, but it dies out sooner.]

"My name is Yellow Edford, CEO of Backrooms Robotics."


Jeez— how much applause do they need to give? Skip forward KOKO.

Fast Forwarding…

[Sounds of speeded up clapping and talking are heard.]

Wait, wait, wait. Stop it here.

"—onderous, isn't it?"

Dammit— Go back. KOKO rewind!


[Similar sounds of fast forwarding, but reversed.]

There! Stop there!

"Today I bring you our latest invention, KOKO!"

[Sounds of cheering and clapping are heard overpowering anything else, two confetti canons can be heard going off.]

"Haha! I guess you like it already."

[The clapping dies out as Yellow speaks.]

"Wonderous isn't it? We've spent years formulating a perfect, fast code to help with anything you could possibly need."

"Simply open your Backrooms Robotics PC and find the KOKO button in the home bar, click on it, and—"

Pause there KOKO.


Look at him. That bastard has everything I should have. Should still have.

Whatever, I'm so much better than him— than— than her…

Ugh— This is boring! There's nothing to do around here…

Stop the video KOKO.

Shut down, KOKO.

Shutting Down…


New Objective: Delete Executable File: Yellow

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