Persons of Interest

What is a Person of Interest?

Persons of Interest (POI) are singular individuals who hold high importance in/to the world of the Backrooms due to their nature or their role. They are often humans, though they are not limited to that, coming from other dimensions or even being native to the Backrooms themselves. Unlike entities, POIs are well-documented and important to the setting's overall history because of their actions. You can think of them as historical figures, past or present, being the core aspect of a group, a level, a time period, etc. Much like entities, however, they can be captivating because of their status, their behaviour, and the implications they create for future pages.

Can I add a new Person of Interest that I made to the page?

You can write a POI even if said character doesn't appear anywhere else on the site yet. However, keep in mind that the character should nonetheless be original and captivating on their own, with emphasis on what they bring to the setting and the possibilities they offer in stories. A POI page should be able to stand on its own, being able to, much like other categories, make readers and writers alike interested in the concept in and of itself. Simply put, a POI page should able to pull in people's interest by itself, without relying upon any secondary pages.

Please note that this category isn't supposed to be a place for inserting yourself in the setting. A POI should be compelling not because it's linked to the author, but because of what it brings to the table. While using some of your traits as an inspiration is fine, inserting yourself directly (behavior, backstory, overall identity, etc.) in the setting both limits your own creativity and goes against the goals of the POI category.

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