POI Creation Contest

Throughout the Backrooms, many unique Entities, Levels, and worlds come into play. When you look at this bigger picture, a person seems insignificant. To some extent, this is true, but that doesn't mean people don't have to be interesting. Many common people are interesting; the Overseers; the Lost leaders; the list goes on.

But why focus on these people alone?

By working to create a brand new, authentic character, you may create another recurring character forever to come. Why not a woman working through her trauma due to no-clipping? Maybe someone who likes being in the Backrooms?

The possibilities are endless, specially designed for you.

The contest

You and a team of up to 2 other people will be responsible for creating a brand new person of interest, come fit with multiple entries to help tie it all together. You must write at least 2 entries, covering these two categories minimum:

  • A person of interest
  • Any connected work (A tale, a level, etc., note this can be a second POI.1)

Please do note that your team, no matter the amount, must provide at least 2 documents. You cannot make two separate types of documents in a single piece, but you may "dovetail" the document (provide it as a tale and a level, etc.) Furthermore, every member of your team must make at least one entry they primarily contributed to. For co-authored works, this is whoever initially uploads the works. Collaborations are encouraged.

When you make something for the contest, add it to your contest hub (below on this page).

Your team

Your team should consist of 2-3 people. You will work together in collection, with everyone contributing to the final product produced. It is expected that every member on the team creates one entry minimum.

As a general note, it is advised you have 3 people on your team, in the case someone suddenly has to back out of your team. Once posting period begins, you will no longer be allowed to add new members to your team.

After picking your team, press edit on this page and add your team to this list. Make sure you pick a team name and specify each of your team members (alongside the captain). At the bottom, you'll find the code for your team to use.

A word of notice

There's two ways to approach this contest. You could have a blast with your team creating new entries regardless of winning or losing, or you could be a dick to your team and yell at everyone.

Try to stay on the former, it is highly advised.

The rules

These are the basic rules of this contest. Some are left vague on purpose, and will be described when noticed.

  • Your team consist of 2-3 people, all of whom are required to be announced publicly on this page. You may not join any more then a single team. Each team will have a captain, but everyone will be around to contribute. It is advised to pick someone who is sure to be active for your captain, as this person will be responsible for receiving information to relay to the rest of your team.
  • Your POI must be unique to your team. You may not use any existing POI for this contest; the point is to make a new one. This includes making a custom POI for a person like Overseer-A - C, etc. It is encouraged that your POI is in a GOI, but it is in no way required.
  • No drafts completed before the contest will be accepted. No exceptions.
  • Format screws are fine, but one POI is required.
  • A minimum of 2 entries are required for this contest; there is no maximum.
  • Hubs are allowed for teams, and are encouraged depending on the volume of your work. Hubs will not be counted for either team vote counts or requirements for an author page. Furthermore, it will be subject to standard hub creation rules (3 entries must be under the hub before creation).
  • No major edits will be allowed once a work is posted. Minor edits are fine, but no major ones will be allowed. A "minor edit" is defined as a typo fix or grammar fix. All entries are subject to deletion once posted should they dip to -5 votes.
  • For the purposes of this contest, greenlights will not be required for posting. It is still encouraged to get critique, but seeing how many members of staff will be participating, alongside greenlighters likely not being available, greenlights will not be required for only contest entries.
  • All entries should be posted by their primary author, and collaborative works should be posted by the primary contributor.
  • Any attempts to maliciously raise your team's vote total or lower your opponent's will be met with disciplinary action. Any and all shenanigans will be met with immediate disqualification, potential disqualification from future contest, and depending on severity, further disciplinary actions. Examples of shenanigans include downvoting competitor works within a minute of posting, spamming others to read your works, and malicious upvotes or downvotes.
  • When posting, tag your works with "poicon2021", so we are aware this is a contest entry.

Dates to remember

January 2nd: Brainstorming period. Gather teammates and begin drafting for the competition.
January 16th: Posting and voting period begins! All posting can be done from this point on, and no more teams may be formed beyond this point
February 16th: Posting period ends and voting period continues.
February 31st: Voting period ends! Winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

The Teams!


Team name

Team Members: List members here

Hub: Link hub here


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Majority Shareholders

Team Members: CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander (Captain), etoisleetoisle, daviiiddaviiid

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the jaundice rodents

Team Members: YellowISlolYellowISlol (Captain), ratscrapzratscrapz, and TyumenTyumen

Hub: TBA


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rulers of the sandbox

Team Members: captaiincaptaiin (Captain), makaraigmakaraig, and CutTheBirchCutTheBirch

Hub: TBA


Associates of Byron Shields

Team Members: Kosef SturreKosef Sturre (Captain), 1000dumplings1000dumplings, and StretchsterzStretchsterz

Hub: TBA


Music of the Spheres

Team Members: AscriberAscriber (Captain), and FortunaeFortunae

Hub: TBA


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Hub created by YellowISlolYellowISlol. Any questions about the contest should be directed to either YellowISlolYellowISlol or etoisleetoisle.

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