Phenomenon SR P80T-n2018 - "The Third Option"
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A touch.
Silence. A pause, perse.
A VAST INSTANT the purge of all sense in understanding.
THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH yet absolute idiocy is known.
MAXIMAL SENSORY OVERLOAD like the darkness of the void.
SILENCE OF KNOWLEDGE furthers fear, like the unknown.
Something. Nothing, of sorts.
Life resumes.

This contains classified information accessed only by L.S.O. Personnel.


SR P80T-n2018 is the phenomenon that allows trans-dimensional communication. This unique phenomenon is studied with utmost accuracy, as it is vital for the use of the L.S.O. There are many situations where this phenomenon can occur, but the most common is during no-clipping. A pattern of occurrences has lead researchers to believe that it can happen during any situation where there are only two answers, for instance, "yes", or "no". SR P80T-n2018 directly effects the population of the Backrooms, and when an occurrence takes place, death or hospitalization is almost guaranteed.

The direct symptoms of SR P80T-n2018 are either absolute sensory deprivation, or absolute sensory overload. Note that our studies have shown that it is possible for both of these symptoms to happen simultaneously. This is considered a recursive SR P80T-n2018 occurrence. It is currently unknown how this is possible, but it is theorized that the properties of SR P80T-n2018 can harm the brain in multiple ways. The correlating symptoms of normal SR P80T-n2018 occurrences are permanent brain damage, seizures, shock, blindness, nausea, and depending on severity, absolute brain failure.


It has been found that there is a rare chance to be consistently asymptomatic during SR P80T-n2018 occurrences. The direct symptoms are there, but the correlating symptoms are not. "I saw. But I didn't feel." There has been little research in this area, as it is so infrequent, that only 7 people have been confirmed to be immune.


SR P80T-n2018+L2-2019
This is an official summary of the recorded events of SR P80T-n2018+L1-2018.
The name of the person will be omitted for privacy, and morality. As if this point, they have already passed.

In 2018, this person no-clipped through a wall on EE L0L-02016, colloquially known as "Level 0", whilst turning their flashlight on. This caused the first recorded occurrence of SR P80T-n2018. As told by this person, what they saw was as follows:

Absolute everything. Nothing was omitted in my mind. I saw everything as it is, at every point in space, at every perspective perceivable or not. It was like my life flashing before my eyes, but it was all of now that I saw instead. I saw people getting brutalized by entities, or entities brutalized by people's retaliation. I saw the fact that life simple goes on, no matter the devastation. Even though peoples' lives have been ripped away from them, they still live.

Every possible path was all knowledge to me. Every decision that anyone could make. Every state of being all at once. I saw my flashlight be on and off at the same time, not flickering between the two, but simply being the two. There is no other way of explaining it. Everything was simply both.
One could say it's the Third Option that makes all of it true.

This is where the colloquial title of SR P80T-n2018 got its name. An autopsy of this person's body revealed that the cause of death was absolute brain failure.

Trans-Dimensional Communication

Breaking through the fourth dimension.
Since the discovery of SR P80T-n2018, there has been a limitless budget in exploiting it. The finances was put to good use. A study and many experiments have show that SR P80T-n2018 is possible because of the fourth dimension. As one sees through space and time, it quite literally breaks their mind.

Many devices have been deployed into this fourth dimension, all of which have cables that reach back into the third dimension. Through unclear means, the fourth dimension that SR P80T-n2018 provides can transmit signals inside itself with little interruption. The devices' cables lead into either the AUE UBe, or into the AUE UFe, thus letting Trans-Dimensional Communication possible. This level of communication is possible between any alternate dimension to ever be discovered in the future.

The inner workings of the machines are complex. Each one contains its own self-sufficient thermo-nuclear reactor. Thus, it is necessary to replace these after the expiration. They last roughly 5 years, and are simple to replace, though it requires a SR P80T-n2018 event to occur. The communication itself is encrypted to the fifth degree, ensuring that there is no way to tap the lines. The devices also contain an environment detector, along with a GPS, designed to work without satellites and in the fourth dimension. The cable leading into the third dimension is reinforced, so it can't break.

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