Phenomenon 4
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Entitiy 23

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M.E.G. — Bettering Humanity

Entitey Number: 23

Habitat(s): Level 8 and also the hive, maybe more

The Spider is are an entitie that you can beencountered in throughout the Backrooms. The Spider are sometimes considered to be an extremley hostile entitey though this has been contested. They are only vaguely humanoid in appearance, and looks nothing like a human being..


The Spider is an extremly DANGERUSS enttity, wich as his name sugessts is a spider, except that it is extremly hUGE in size. It also lives in level 8 only and in the hive aswell, it can do this becos the hive is actualy inside of level 8 and is partt of it.

The spider are only vagely humanoid in appearance, and looks nothing like a human being.. It hass eight legs that does not exclud his 2 arms wich are human. and the spider have hands and fingers like a nomral human being even tho its a spider.

He also has a face that Te Spider has on top of hiss body, it is a nomal human face that i think is a man, (but it coud also bee a woman face, i dont know).


The spider is extermley DANGERUSS. It didint likes human contavct so be sure do not aproach it. Once it sees you it will chase you, it is EXTEREMLLY fast so dont even try to run, if you do it will catch up and eat you anyways.

Just like all spiders **The Spider* has a web and can be make webs from itselfs body. It hangs in its web as a nest and also can use its webs to tye up human beings for when its not hungry, so it can be eaten later. When humans are not around it it will eat the spiders around him as it's food,, it is also very sad and also crys all the time becos it is in alot of pain and torcher. It also has manny baby spiders and they will eat you so you BTTER RUN asssoon as u see it! or better yet dont even goe into level 8 and just stay awayy from all spiders.


I didint know how this entitiy was being discovered. i just heard about it from my frend who was atacked by it and escaped from the Spider. It is realy true thouh, my frend is a meg oprative, he has go on many misions and is very expereinced.

DOs' and Dont"s:


You can :

  • Stay away frm it
  • Burn the Houise down f u see one!!!11!!1! No spiderssss alowed

-Dont go to level 8 as its childern are al their an will atack you


- Talk to it
-try to kill **the Spider* as this will not works, it is alredy dead becos it is a vampier gost spider becos it was recieving a cursed

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