Phenomenon 1-FR: Noclipping
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This article is, first and foremost, a practical guide for wanderers.

This page will therefore be focused on the practical aspects of the phenomenon. Multiple studies have been conducted to understand noclipping, but only theories and facts are presented here. If you have information, special cases or hypotheses to submit, do not hesitate to refer to network administrators of the Circle database.

This page is the result of work by Ariane Circle. The M.E.G.'s article is nonetheless available in our database at this address.


Phenomenon 1-FR, commonly known as Noclipping, is the most common phenomenon in the Backrooms. This makes it the first phenomenon that most wanderers encounter. The word "Noclip" comes from the Frontrooms pop culture and refers to the act of passing through a solid barrier in a video game. In the Backrooms, Noclipping refers to the act of passing through reality itself via an element of the environment to change locations or levels. This phenomenon is present in the entirety of the Backrooms and can be considered as an ally or enemy of wanderers, depending on the context.


Even though it is possible to "master" noclipping with enough experience, its nature and function remain very unpredictable. Few walls/floors allow passage between levels. Furthermore, those that do often require a certain position or speed to transport an individual. In concrete terms, running into a solid wall (or rarely, a liquid, like on Level 37) at a certain speed allows you to traverse reality and end up on another level.

The fact that wanderers can't see the destination before Noclipping causes the phenomenon to be quite risky because it can lead to a dangerous level. Due to this, it's advised to not try to noclip if the level database does not list a safe exit or even no exits at all.

Despite its inherent unpredictability, noclipping is still a rather reliable phenomenon, although it is generally not possible to see the arrival level of a noclip, because many noclip points can lead to the same level. This creates a risk of wanderers accidentally randomly noclipping in other levels. It is therefore advisable to find out about the risks associated with noclipping on levels you want to visit.

Entity-Noclip Relationship

Although it is likely that this phenomenon is valid for any object or physical life form, few cases of entity noclipping have been confirmed. The most known case where this occurred involved a gigantic Wrangler which accidentally noclipped onto Level 8, discovered by a wanderer in December 2019. The creature had unusual dimensions, even for a Wrangler, and it is believed only half of it had noclipped from an unknown level. The corpse was burned with Pyroil to create passages in it. Apart from this Wrangler, no others from this species seemed to have been able to noclip, which seems to prove the hypothesis of an accidental noclip.

Some entities are able to noclip only in their habitable level, whereas others can noclip throughout the Backrooms:

  • Mangled seem to be able to noclip at will around Level 9, but they can't leave.
  • Dullers can make their arms noclip to catch their prey, but they don't seem to be able to change level by noclip.
  • Grawlix, even though they exist in two-dimensions on flat surfaces, can noclip on various walls/grounds, especially during their pranks.
  • Pyrochelicera can noclip across walls, grounds, or ceilings of levels.
  • "The Keymaster" can noclip at will within the same level and can even target the arrival zone. However, it can't noclip between levels and must use a kind of physical opening of a passage.

Object-Noclip Relationship

The case of motionless objects is more complex than it seems. Indeed, it is theorized that some of those can noclip because a wanderer has never lost one of their possessions after noclipping, accidentally or not. However, no instances of objects noclipping without external or human influence has been observed (except for some bags). This could mean they need an already initiated movement to traverse reality. Nonetheless, some rumors say that unexplained disappearances of objects when they are not looked at1 is because of a sudden noclip of those objects. Due to the difficulty of verifying such a phenomenon, little to no progress has been made on this.

However, some objects seem to control the noclipping of wanderers, while not being able to noclip themselves. One example is the case of Warpberries, which teleports their consumers. If you noclipped accidentally after eating one of these fruits, we invite you to check the advice in case of an accidental noclips section.

Dangers associated with noclipping

The main danger of noclipping is its randomness. Indeed, without any way to know where and when a wanderer will go through reality, it is not possible for them to protect themself from it. The danger is rare but omnipresent. Every step might teleport an individual from a secure level to a nightmarish place. Of course, staying in a small area is not a solution; being so paranoid is useless. Nevertheless, to limit the risks of an accidental noclip, it is advised to inform yourself of noclip possibilities inside the whole level. If, nonetheless, you noclip accidentally, refer to the CLIPP directive in the Advice section of this article.

Another danger of noclipping is linked to the surface used to traverse reality. Indeed, some of them do not allow a complete and safe noclip. A known example of this is Level 130 where, if a wanderer tries to noclip, they will be transported into the level's pipes, filled with a thick, black liquid that leads every individual trapped inside to drown and decompose. Even if the reason why noclipping does not lead to another level is unknown, facts are recorded for the concerned levels in the database, which remains the best source of information on this topic.

Special Cases

Initial noclip

Initial noclip is one of the greatest mysteries in the Backrooms, as much for its unique function than for its impossibility to be studied. As this name suggests, the Initial Noclip is the fated moment where a human will traverse through the Frontrooms, sending them to the Backrooms. Initial Noclip transports individuals onto Level 0, and, in some cases, into Level 1 or Level 2.

Some exceptional cases were noted where Initial Noclip transported an individual to a different level2. The most strange characteristic of Initial Noclip is that, though going from the Frontrooms to the Backrooms is simple3, the opposite is as of today impossible. Some theories nonetheless exist, such as those linked to Level 710.

The mission of the M.E.G. since its creation is to find a way to perform a "Final Noclip" so as to finally quit this dimension. However, the Ariane Circle deems this possibility to be far too small to justify the means.

Case of a Specific Environment

It's common to go from one level to another by the use of objects, sceneries, or more generally with an element from the environment. The element in question is usually easily identifiable and leads to a guaranteed noclip, sometimes remaining in the same place, which makes them very useful for traveling between levels and reaching a precise destination.
These elements include (but are not limited to) doors, windows, trapdoors, and other openings, but also photo frames and posters, or even trivial objects like mirrors or furniture.

It is also important to note that the aforementioned cases refer to clear, instant transitions, as opposed to smooth ones which can be found in corridors, stairways, or elevators (for example Level 4-FR). The reasons for those very specific and permanent noclips on easily recognizable elements of the environment to humans are unknown, although they emphasize the Pseudo-Matrice Theory. It is usually harmless to use those passages because their destinations are well-known and documented most of the time. They seem to usually have a look that seems linked to one of the "thresholds" that grants access. This could be the general appearance, the color, the smell, or the feeling towards a door, furniture, an object, or even an image or the theme depicted on the photo or poster.

A compilation of the levels accessible by "thresholds" with noclip can be found below, organized by numerical order. The levels that were already presented won't be noted on the list.

Special Level Cases

Within the Backrooms, the characteristics of Noclipping can vary between different levels. Below is a non-exhaustive list of these special cases:

⚠️ This compilation needs to be updated soon. For more informations please consult the network administrators.

-FR Enigmatic Level — "The Source"

The possibility that The Source could be reached by noclip is still a theory, seeing that the only explorer who documented the exploration of the level apparently fainted when he entered and exited it, after having felt increasing pressure on his body. The supporters of this highlight the fact that the flask Marco took was simply lying on a seemingly normal part of Level 7-FR . It is by touching this very flask that he noclipped into The Source.

The theory suggesting that supplies (especially liquids) appearing abnormally throughout the Backrooms come from locations such as The Source leads to the belief that supplying of said liquids would be done through noclipping, since they wouldn't come from the level they can be found on. This, however, doesn't explain how liquids like Almond Water can be found in bottles.


Noclipping is a widely known phenomenon to wanderers and is sometimes used as a means of transport because of its practicality in moving quickly from one level to another. Nevertheless, the phenomenon is not without risk, which is why it is essential to review the instructions and scenarios that can arise when an individual noclips, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Advice to noclip safely

Noclipping is systematically documented on levels where it is consistently or randomly present. With time and progress in exploration and mapping, it is possible to know where noclippable passages may lead, minimizing the risk of "bad luck".

Nevertheless, as these zones are brusque with rough transitions between different levels (or zones between levels), there are certain guidelines to be followed to minimize risks when crossing them.4
  • For all noclip zones presented in the form of a threshold (door, trapdoor, specific object, etc.), keep your arms and legs alongside your body. If the threshold is in a thin object, step aside and cross it as if in "sidestep".
  • For physical objects leading up to precise levels, such as photographs, frames or posters, it's best to make a small jump by crouching down to keep your limbs as close to your body as possible when touching the object.

Instant Noclip must often be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the threshold to be crossed.

Advice in case of an accidental noclip

Despite today's extensive knowledge of the places and passages where an individual can noclip, there's always a risk of being accidentally transported, potentially into unknown levels or portions of known but unexplored levels, so vigilance should always be prioritized.

If you accidentally noclipped to another level, don't panic and remember the CLIPP protocol, which acronym contains, in order, the five most important steps for staying safe, even when disoriented:

C - Check your environment

The biggest danger occurring when you noclip into an unknown place is to be stunned by a random hazard that lurks near your location. Whether it's an environmental or entity threat, it's vital to check the surrounding area to make sure there are no hazards present. It is only after this verification that you can continue the CLIPP protocol. Even so, never forget to continue to surveil your surroundings for the rest of the operations in order to make sure no new danger gets the better of you. In the case where analysis of the environment reveals an entity, hide without noise as fast as possible and imperatively consult the database to find information about it if it is unknown to you.

L - Locate an exit

Sometimes, noclip areas can be taken from both sides, although this is not frequent. Try to perform the same action you did when entering, attempting to return to your starting level using a nearby wall or floor, depending on the surface which you noclipped into. If this method proves unsuccessful, if you don't know how you noclipped or if no attempt is possible for some reason, try to locate a possible exit door. Although they can take many forms, observing your immediate surroundings in search of a way out can make the difference between a harmless story and a terrible accident. However, not all doors lead to a safe or beneficial place. Levels, such as 7, should not have their doors crossed before double-checking. For this reason, if you see a door, proceed to the next step before rushing in headlong.

I - Inspect the database

While Wi-Fi isn't available at all levels, it is vital to try to reach the M.E.G. database (or any database at your disposal). Indeed, decades of exploration allowed many organizations to map levels alongside their characteristics, dangers and exits. If you succeed in connecting to Wi-Fi, check if the level you are on is in the database. If the answer is yes, carefully read the information that has been collected. It is thanks to these types of databases that you will avoid certain dangers, such as opening a door that could further aggravate your situation.

P- Prepare your equipment

Once you have obtained (or attempted to) the information, you can prepare yourself to face this new place. The Backrooms is a hostile location with permanent dangers, therefore, it is essential to be wholly prepared for travel across levels. The list of the most important objects to prepare/verify can be found below:

  • An efficient yet silent weapon so as to defend yourself against hostile entities or groups
  • A tool for making your way in difficult-to-navigate zones, such as forests.
  • A headlamp or flashlight, for levels that are extremely dark (it is important to note that this won't work on Level 6).
  • Food and water (it is advised to take inventory of consumables and look for food and ration for yourself).
  • Clothing (if you have supplementary clothes, you can try to evolve more into exterior environments for example).
P - Perimeter your environment

Before going into exploration, make sure to define a landmark, preferably near your base. Even if it is a rudimentary one, it will ensure you have a place where you can sleep and strengthen yourself. Moreover, creating a map of the area is also very important so as to not lose yourself in the repetitive labyrinths that are most Backrooms levels. Whatever the situation, take as few risks as possible, and make sure to always remain secure. You can take more risky actions that lead to a safer outcome if you have plenty of information about the level, such as going to an outpost. Be cautious, however, as overconfidence is one of the biggest precursors of death.

Whatever the case, watch your steps.


Noclipping is an omnipresent phenomenon that is widely known and documented in the Backrooms. Nevertheless, its origin and nature remain unknown, which leads to speculations about it and the Backrooms in general.

Below, you will find a list of the main theories trying to explain the function of noclipping and of the Backrooms, listed from left to right by decreasing popularity.

Note that these theories probably do not reflect the exact reality. These are hypotheses based on observations and models. Therefore, they are not definitive and are under constant revision.

To add another theory to this article, please contact network administrators.

Theory 1: "Model 38" or "Four-dimensional superposition"

As its name indicates, "Model 38" is a theory linked to the strange nature of Level 38. This level seems to consist only of the 37 previous levels which appear to converge in a precise place, giving form to Level 38. The theory supports the idea that the Backrooms finds itself entirely in a four-dimensional physical space. Levels would be overlaid on top of each other in the same space, organized in tridimensional "layers", moving around without a goal and sometimes touching each other at one or more points. Although humans would not be able to notice or even perceive it, it would theoretically be possible to see fragments of another level that came in contact with the level they are on, by noclippable walls or ground. However, due to certain levels' irregular nature or infinity, those could "touch" others via precise points or just occasionally, creating a passageway between these layers. As those layers are in perpetual movement, the entrances and exits may change places within each level, although generally bringing the wanderer to the same locations.

This theory has the merit of explaining entrances that no longer exist, like the case of Level 15, or the fact that we could noclip roughly through liquids, like in Level 37. This also opens up the possibility to make additional assumptions on the function of the Blue Channel, which allows navigation between different layers of the Backrooms' levels.

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