Pass A Needle
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"Sis, can you pass a needle?"

"Why on Earth would you need a needle? You're making a board-game, not a doll."

"But Diana… I need something for them to use as a weapon!"

"You are ridiculous."

"I am the Master of Games, and you will heed my command!"

"…Fine. Just don't hurt yourself. Again."

"Thank you~!"


"Hey… Maybe Dad'd be happy to see us sharing."

"He is not our Father."

"I know, I know… i just… I thought… I'm sorry, never mind."

"… "


"Hey, that jester is preforming tonight, isn't she? The one in the silly yellow and blue clothes?"

"Of course I do!"

"How about we head down to the markets later on and go see her?"

"Y-you really mean it???"

"I do."

"Heh…The impassive Doll Maker finally shows her warmer side…"

"Shut up, James…"


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