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They aren't gone.

First off, a little about me.

Hello, I am s n o w y, or snowyisdead on Discord. I like writing horror and things about space. When reading, I get bored very quickly but oddly enough, I was able to find a very strong interest in containment and liminal fiction. I am pretty introverted. I don't really enjoy talking to new people, or going out of my way to. I am obsessed with space, specifically astrophysics and black holes. I am really wanting to incorporate more space themes in my articles down the road.

Clearly, I am an edgy dude. I generally love all things evil, satanic, or dark. I love religious art and architecture, I have always loved the beauty of it.

I play video games such as:


I also LOVE to write articles on the RPC Authority1 and The Backrooms. I have been described as being very creative when it comes to my writings. My ideas, I think, are unique and notable. Even though some people may not like my works, I still cherish my creatures I make and love them.

Stuff I like and like to write.

  • Entities
  • Objects
  • Levels (Still working on this skill.)



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