Bry's Office
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Hello! Welcome to home base! I'm Major Bry of Backrooms Remodeling Co., and this is my office! Over here we have my entities, over here my levels- ah well, I should let you look around yourself…

My Entries:

Created Levels:

  • Level 0.2 - "Remodeled Mess"
    • Level I wrote to go along with the Backrooms Remodeling Co. GOI Page!
  • Level 98 - "Downtown Diner"
    • Based on an image of a yellow-lit diner, my first level!
  • Level 104 - "Fullerest House" with Stretchster!
    • Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, they are watching
  • Level 131 - "Televised Horror"
    • Don't change the channel!
  • Level 241 - "All Dogs Go To…"
    • So much dog hair…
  • Level 389.1 - "Silken Hell" with 1000Dumplings!
    • Don't touch the dolls…
  • Level 524 - "The Violet Hotel and its Inhabitants"
    • Introducing η, my personal favorite character that I will be using soon!
  • Level 619 - Meet me at the moon, my beloved
    • MY FIRST FORMAT SCREW!!! I'm so happy with this one and PLEASE give it a read it needs as much attention as possible.

Created Entities:

  • Entity 71 - "The Wandering Static"
    • RUN!!
  • Entity 84 - "King Rasputin Bartholemew III"
    • A good boy.
  • Entity 98 - "The Dollmaker" with 1000Dumplings!
    • All of us know Entity 99, "The Game Master", but the secrets of her dark past are beginning to unfold. Her sister… lies beneath Level 389. She should not be disturbed.
  • Entity 132 - "TV Heads"
    • The Entity I wrote to go along with the Backrooms Remodeling Co. GOI page!!
  • Entity 164 - "The Barkeep"
    • My Terror Hotel Entity!!! He's a gay mess of a man who consoles all the other employees. I love him.
  • Entity 169 - "BOING!"
    • Adorable except for the exploded lungs!

Created Objects:

  • Object 32 - "Reality Fresheners"
    • The Object I wrote to go along with the Backrooms Remodeling Co. GOI Page!!!

Created Tales:

  • Gravity
    • A rather…. sad tale connecting to Level 619. Poor Nicky.

Other Creations:

Contest Entries!

Minimalism Contest 2020:
  • Camping Trip
    • Eugh, reeeallly not happy with this one, but its meh.
  • Ball
    • I personally love this one!! We need more humor and horror on the side, and this humourous tale fills a little bit of one of those voids.
  • In The Stars
    • Nicky's (from level 619) thoughts while he sits on the moon. Sad, isn't it?
Spooky (Halloween) Contest 2021:

Industrialization Canon

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