On the tragic death of Team Delta Riders
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[aNDYmegGUY]: Hey! It looks like you're online now, that sure took a while to set up.

[aNDYmegGUY]: That aside though, seems like we can finally get started now.

[JamesWang]: I'd like to preface this by apologizing first and foremost for my wavering correspondence; I seem to have an unstable connection.

[aNDYmegGUY]: Oh, no worries! Just make sure that you connect from a different level next time, the connection will be better depending on where you are.

[JamesWang]: I'll keep that in mind for next time, yes. I apologize once again, I'm new to these things.

[aNDYmegGUY]: No big deal, we've all been there. And no need to be so formal. You can relax man!

[JamesWang]: Ah, great!

[JamesWang]: I mean, cool!

[aNDYmegGUY]: So what brings you here?

[JamesWang]: Right, so, Level 17.

[JamesWang]: I heard you all needed an expert on all matters relating to Level 17 so you could send a team to map it, correct?

[aNDYmegGUY]: Yeah man, our intention is to just send a group of five to do a little bit of reconnaissance, nothing big.

[JamesWang]: Cool!

[JamesWang]: I'd actually be willing to help if you guys need it.

[JamesWang]: I've lived in Level 17 for the past few years now, and like, there are better places, sure, but 17 is quite safe in general.

[aNDYmegGUY]: Hey, that's good to know!

[aNDYmegGUY]: So, you're willing to help us for free, right?

[aNDYmegGUY]: No offense, but you didn't seem to be the kind of guy who did things for free when we first spoke lol.

[JamesWang]: Haha, yeah, I'm not really the friendliest sounding guy in person, always been a bit stiff. But my offer is genuine, I'd be glad to help really!

[JamesWang]: There is one thing I wanna make clear though, I'm not gonna be able to meet anyone at the entrance, I've got some friends with me and I can't just leave them alone.

[aNDYmegGUY]: Oh, no worries! We could postpone it to a later date when they're not there if you want!

[JamesWang]: It's no big deal, I have some red arrows painted around the ship that lead to our base.

[JamesWang]: I set them up a while back to lead unfortunate wanderers somewhere safe. Now seems like a good time for them to be used, actually.

[aNDYmegGUY]: Cool, I'll forward this to the team, thanks for your time!

[JamesWang]: Perfect, just tell them to follow the red arrows painted on the walls, and I'll handle the rest from there.

[JamesWang]: Anyways, I'm off for now cause I've got some stuff to take care of. I'll be seeing you all shortly then!

> User @JamesWang left the room.

> M.E.G. MEMO <

Everyone knows that joining the M.E.G. is a commitment to hard work, dedication, and, to some extent, personal risk. Despite this, we remain sorrowful over any incidents which cost our beloved members their lives.

Today is one such sorrowful day. We are saddened to announce the death of five members of our family. The cause of their death is presently unknown, but rest assured that we will not rest until this cause has been found.

Let us honor their legacy and all that they stood for. Let us continue their work, lest their sacrifice be in vain. Let us all fight on, to lay hold of the dream that Diego Ruiz, Alicia Vander, Ricky Ho, Paul Meville, and Maria Hobb gave their lives for.

> M.E.G. — Bettering Humanity. <

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