Oleana White
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U.E.C. Agent - The Sorceress


Oleana's only known portrait.

[Full Name]: Oleana Benjamin White
[Position]: Head Researcher of Research Team Circe
[Status]: Viable, Stationed in Level ███

Complete Description

Oleana White is a 27 y/o woman of unclear descent. She is the founder and current research head of Research Team Circe, a small scientific group outside of major U.E.C. squads that study and utilize entities. Oleana's main study is infectious entities and their means of spread.

Complete Traits

White is described by many of her peers as a socially awkward yet loud person. Oleana’s tendencies to openly voice her opinions and often dissent of her superiors and structure of the Unbound as a group has often landed her in trouble. Despite the vocal dissent she carries out, she continuously works for the U.E.C. with vigor. Her work ethic and general disregard for relationships and social obligations allow for more output than her peers. Oleana has claimed that she is uninterested in social pursuits, and would rather focus wholeheartedly on her work.


She claims to have been a student at [REDACTED] University, studying bioengineering, as well as researching virology for a possible second degree. Her fall into the backrooms occurred roughly around October of 201█, with an unlikely fall into Level 1 instead of the typical Level 0.

Postscript 1

M.E.G. Wanted Announcement, first reported in M.E.G. controlled cyberspace on 01/14/2017.

WANTED: Oleana White “The Sorceress”

REWARD: 3 week’s worth of food and other supplies

CHARGES: Wanted for several counts of unethical medical practices performed on 5 captured M.E.G operatives as well as an unknown amount of sapient entities.

DESCRIPTION: Female, Young 20’s, olive complexion, around 5’5, of average weight.
Hair is dark, notably long, usually worn in a ponytail. Eye colour is believed to be green, eye shape is rounded. Notable acne scarring on cheeks. Red, welt-like scars on backhands and forearms on both arms. Typically wears baggy, dark clothes, described as ‘generally unkempt’.


If you have any information, please contact your nearest M.E.G. Outpost or Base.

Postscript 2

Miscellaneous logs taken from Ms. White’s terminal during an annual data inspection, before the foundation of Team Circe.

LOG 1/1 - The subject (hereby referred to as EN-001) has arrived and entered my possession thanks in no part due to Stallard’s interest to weaponize entities, despite the inherent risk of that line of thinking. Personally, I could care less what mess Stallard gets himself into, as long as I have the resources to conduct my research.
Let's get back to EN-001. It’s temperament is surprisingly calm, despite its rather gastly reputation. No serious escape attempts have been made and it does not seem to require any sustenance to survive. The first test I will perform will see if it reacts positively to any form of sustenance.

LOG 5/1 - EN-001 made its first successful breakout today. It managed to destroy a concrete wall and attack two stationed guards while I was on break. Apparently, EN-001’s ability to ‘infect’ humans with some kind of ailment that turns others into another instance of itself only worked on one, however this transformation only took minutes to fully complete instead of the typical infection time of several weeks. I’ve tried to access more information from the other guard, but apparently reliving her trauma isn’t something she should discuss, despite its scientific value.
This is going to be a major setback for my research. I need to figure out how to safely contain these things before my entire project is shut down.

LOG 7/1 - Several tests have confirmed that EN-001’s infection can only spread via physical contact, as expected. Even without that guard's testimony, my hypothesis about EN-001’s bodily fluids may be correct as I originally believed. I’ll need some more equipment in order to minimize risk for everyone involved, but if EN-001’s bodily fluids are potent even after separation from it, I may have something that’ll convince the Board that my research wasn’t in vain.

LOG 9/1 - I’ve successfully managed to convince those higher ups at the Board that utilizing more than one entity may be useful for my research, despite increased costs. Luckily, I have a new subject just waiting for me in the incarceration cells right next door. This project may bear fruit after all.

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