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In universe…
Objects, also known as items or artifacts, are tools, weapons, consumables, and other things used or found by people in the Backrooms.

Many of them follow the rules of normal reality, mere decorations created by levels. Others are real-world objects altered fundamentally by the Backrooms' strangeness, and some are created by wanderers for use by themselves or by others.

Some of them are dangerous, while others are crucial to your survival. Identification of objects is extremely important to prolonged habitation of the Backrooms, as look-alikes exist.

The key difference between an entity and an object is that entities are alive. Objects denoted with [NO DATA] are empty addresses in the database, just waiting to be filled — for the sake of your fellow wanderers, please contribute your findings to the database!

Out of universe…
objects are a quite easy category to understand and write for. There's a lot of potential for exploring the Backrooms' history through ancient artifacts, and for providing building blocks for stories focusing on engineering and development of tools. You could even flesh out the story of an entity or level through a related object.

Write any sort of inanimate object for this that you like, knock yourself out!

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