Object 97 - "The Everything Machine"
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Object 97 - "The Everything Machine"


A picture of a very specific component of "The Everything Machine.

The Everything Machine is the only stolen piece of machinery from Level 522. It is a highly complicated device designed to complete any task.


The Everything Machine is currently largely misunderstood in its nature, and as of now is undergoing heavy research in order to tap into its capabilities in benefiting The M.E.G. The Everything Machine is currently hypothesized to be capable of virtually anything within The Backrooms, and can be used to create or destroy any matter. However, any matter which is created or destroyed will be transmuted to a different medium, often inheriting capabilities similar to the medium taken from. The matter itself collapses in an unidentified way, breaking multiple laws of energy and thermodynamics. It is theorized that complete annihilation occurs, though this is unconfirmed.

The Everything Machine has multiple connections to Backrooms Robotics, and seems to have been developed by them. The Everything Machine seems to have been built with the purpose of a potential escape to The Backrooms, however, due to it being marked as a prototype, is currently incapable of fulfilling this purpose. Currently, experiments are being run in order to test the limits of The Everything Machine. The Everything Machine is still misunderstood, so this process is still undergoing in its early phases.

The Everything Machine itself resembles a circular device, made up of component "Hexcubes". Each Hexcube stores data according to what its purpose is programmed to be, which can be virtually anything. Because of this, it is theoretically possible to tear a hole into reality to leave The Backrooms. However, due to the complexity of the programming within The Everything Machine, this is currently considered beyond the scope of possibilities. For now, The Everything Machine stores data, and occasionally is used to run test involving The Everything Machine.

The Everything Machine's programming is largely misunderstood, and for this reason, it should only be handled by individuals who can understand the basics of the programming within The Everything Machine. A sample of the code within The Everything Machine is highly dangerous, and can cause viruses to suddenly form within any device. It is impossible to photograph the code, as code from The Everything Machine responds to scanning technoware, and adapts to them accordingly. The Everything Machine is believed to run on a mix of Paratechnology and Occult influences, alongside The Backrooms influence itself.

Backrooms Robotics appears to have major influence in the creation of The Everything Machine, ranging from the discovery of The Everything Machine, to the refinement of The Everything Machine, all the way to the near finishing of The Everything Machine. The CEO of Backrooms Robotics, Yellow, appears to be putting forth full efforts in attempts to locate The Everything Machine, ranging from full search teams, to developing searching technology in attempts to locate The Everything Machine. Due to the vague intentions of Backrooms Robotics, alongside their misguided morals and there potential connections to the Cartographers, efforts have been put forth in order to mitigate Backrooms Robotics from locating The Everything Machine.


The Everything Machine was discovered during a meeting with Yellow, head of Backrooms Robotics. In a second look attempt, inspections were made and confirmed that The Everything Machine is highly dangerous, so a raid attempt was organized under the guise that it came from The Splinter. Because of this process, The Everything Machine is now in the hands of The M.E.G.

Uses of The Everything Machine

Currently, The Everything Machine appears to be capable of many unique processes, ranging from killing Entities, to discovery of new Levels, to formation of materials and supplies. For this reason, the programmers of The Everything Machine have put forth efforts to pull off different test with The Everything Machine. The logs for these test are as follows:

The Everything Machine: Test Logs:


Test Begin Log Time: 9:29 A.M.

Testing objects: The Everything Machine, The Game Master of Level 389

Researcher Conducting Test: Researcher Aether, Head of The Everything Machine programming

Test Log Summary: This test was conducted in order to attempt destruction of "The Game Master". The following test took place on Level 0.


Researcher Aether: Initiating the programming, The Everything Machine is now active. Stand back, the current result is unknown.

The Everything Machine begins to vibrate, and one of its Hexcubes begin to vibrate violent. After this point, the Hexcube emerges from The Everything Machine, and proceeds to vibrate in the air whilst shaking.

Researcher Aether: Okay, everyone stay calm, The Everything Machine is about to activate.

The Everything Machine's Hexcube begins to grow a sharp incisor, and proceeds to cut a hole into reality. From there, Level 389 is visible.

Researcher Aether: The Everything Machine did it! Entity 99 is-

The Hexcube proceeds to return to its dormant state within The Everything Machine. The entire machine ceases to vibrate. The Everything Machine enters its dormant state.

Researcher Aether: Oh god damn-


After this point, Assistant Researcher Micheal proceeds to turn off the audio log recorder. It is presumed that due to the high output given due to the energy required to open a new entryway into Level 389, The Everything Machine exhausted its systems, and then proceeded to go into a dormant state in order to recover energy. For a period of 1 week following this event, The Everything Machine was only able to receive code, and was incapable of carrying out commands.


Test Begin Log Time: 4:26 A.M.

Testing objects: The Everything Machine, The Game Master of Level 389

Researcher Conducting Test: Researcher Azey, explorer and field specialist for The Everything Machine

Test Log Summary: This was a follow up log performed in attempt to destroy The Game Master. The following test was conducted on Level 389


Researcher proceeds to take a Hexcube from The Everything Machine out before entering the Level 389 rift, already coded with the explicit code to destroy The Game Master.

Researcher Azey: Hello?

Entity 99: Oooooh~ Has a new guest come to play?

Researcher Azey: Not quite, I'm here to destroy you.

Entity 99: Is that so~ Ahahahaha! You jest, I must say~

Researcher Azey: Initiate Procedure Destroy.

Entity 99: You can put the toy away, it's worthless to you now~

Researcher Azey: Wait, what?

Entity 99: You don't wish to play~

Researcher Azey: No, just get the hell away from me!

Entity 99: Now, that's no way to t- Hey, where are you going!


After this point, Researcher Azey drops the audio recorder, and manages to escape through the rift created by The Everything Machine. The rift closes after this point, which appears to be The Game Masters doing. The Hexcube from The Everything Machine which was deactivated was inserted back into The Everything Machine, and appears to have been fully restored by The Everything Machine.


Test Begin Log Time: 7:34 P.M.

Testing objects: The Everything Machine, Researcher Mills

Researcher Conducting Test: None

Test Log Summary: This test was an unauthorized test which was undergone by Researcher Mills, head of cover-up for The Everything Machine. The test appears to have been an attempt to access The Frontrooms. Any information on the whereabouts of Researcher Mills should be reported immediately.


Researcher Mills: I have decided. I'm done here. I'm leaving now, and this machine will let me.

The Everything Machine begins to vibrate, and a single Hexcube can be heard vibrating within the insides of The Everything Machine, until it can be heard shooting out and shaking violently.

Researcher Mills: Goodbye everyone, it was a good run.

The Hexcube from The Everything Machine can be heard vibrating within the air very violently, and then can be heard cracking.

Researcher Mills: Goodby-

The Hexcube shatters, alongside a large tearing sound. Researcher Mills can be heard screaming violently.


The audio logger for this recording was found unharmed, alongside the nearby area. The only noticeable difference between the environment before and after this event was a few bloodstains, which matched up with Researcher Mills DNA. The Hexcube itself was severely damaged, but was repaired by The Everything Machine.

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