Object 95 - "Temporal Apotheosis"
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To: Overseer Kat
From: Overseer Stretch
Subject: re: Object 95 Poses a Greater Risk Than We First Thought

When I first read your email, I was thoroughly confused. I'm not sure what Penumbras are either, and I share the same sentiment about Object 95 as you do. Like any normal human being would in this situation, I checked both pages myself… and they certainly look different from how I remember. To my dismay, I couldn't glean anything from checking the edit history either.

Of course, I researched explanations for the Mandela Effect, as I genuinely did not remember Object 95 being deemed one of them. The most scientific explanation is that we're all just remembering wrong, but I don't believe that… so I guess the only logical explanation is that we're traveling through parallel universes? Sounds like a stretch, I know. It's all I have, though. Many pages already imply the existence of alternate timelines, so it can't be that far off, right?

Hope you're satisfied at least, even if it wasn't the answer we were looking for.


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