Object 92 — "ClipSkips!"

These shoes? Oh boy, they redefine the very essence of FUN! You won't believe it, but in the spine-tingling depths of The Backrooms, they made me forget I was even trapped there! Those entities? Forget about chasing or even killing me, they just stood there, utterly dumbfounded. And get this, people around me went absolutely bananas, trying to blackmail or swipe these mind-boggling kicks! But fear not, my friends, I emerged as the triumphant hero! Just try these shoes out for yourself if you want to experience the sheer awesomeness of them, that is.

—Anonymous Wanderer (likely a member of the SpeedNoclippers)



A member of the SpeedNoclippers utilizing a pair of ClipSkips.

ClipSkips are not just mere running shoes, they are technological marvels designed to revolutionize the way we move and no-clip. The shoes' sleek, blue design, along with white, black, and/or other light shades of blue, evokes an alluring visual that captures the attention of onlookers. Remarkably, what is most astounding is their weightlessness, a feature that defies the natural expectations of such an invention. Upon further examination, it becomes clear that these shoes feature advanced technology designed to analyze and understand the wearer's movements. This smart system is integrated within the shoes to collect data on the user's gait(s) and adjust accordingly to provide optimal fit and comfort.

The ClipSkips themselves bear a striking resemblance to conventional Frontrooms footwear, with their design combining various materials.1 It has been suggested that the materials were sourced from Level 11, where they were gathered and repurposed for this specific application. Furthermore, the SpeedNoclippers have somehow managed to imbue the shoes with an otherworldly blue glow, further adding to their aesthetic appeal.

To protect their invention from counterfeits, the SpeedNoclippers have stamped their logo as an irremovable copyright sticker on the heel of all ClipSkips shoes. This firm declaration has made it clear to groups like the B.N.T.G. that any replication will not be tolerated.

Every single pair of ClipSkips is meticulously crafted by hand by the group's artisans. As each pair is completed, it is packed in a shoebox sporting the same vivid blue hue, proudly labeled with the signature "ClipSkips" logo. Within the box, nestled atop the ClipSkips lies an instruction manual by the SpeedNoclippers. The content of the instruction manual reads as follows:

(read or risk death)

Object Introduction:
ClipSkips are essentially an innovative new shoe technology designed to facilitate efficient and risk-free travel through physical barriers (e.g., any exit within a level, to effortlessly jumping through a wall into your friend's room on the other side, etc). Upon donning the ClipSkips, users can seamlessly navigate through walls with ease, all while avoiding any damage or injury that would typically result from such actions. Indeed, the ClipSkips possess a unique ability to "absorb" the reaction force upon impact and convert it into propulsion force, enabling users to effortlessly no-clip through obstructions with minimal effort or risk. For journeys that require navigating through walls or other impediments, ClipSkips are an indispensable tool that ensures safe and efficient travel without compromising the user's safety or well-being.

The instructions for ClipSkips use are as follows:

1. Before starting, ensure that the ClipSkips are securely fastened to your feet, providing a comfortable fit to enhance your performance. You may be wondering: "What if the shoes don't fit my size?" — Fortunately, there's no need to worry! The ClipSkips are ingeniously designed to intuitively adapt to the shape and size of your feet, ensuring there is no discomfort or possibility of cramping. With this feature, you can confidently move and enjoy your experience without any hassle!

2. To successfully no-clip, begin by locating the obstruction you wish to phase through. Once you have identified the target, assume a running stance while facing toward the direction of the impediment. When you're ready to initiate the no-clip, approach the physical barrier at a reasonable pace. However, be sure to clear the area of any other obstructions leading up to the barrier, as they could impede your progress and cause you to become partially or completely stuck within the wall.

3. When approaching the physical barrier, it is important to maintain a steady pace as you collide or phase through it. This allows the inherent absorption and propulsion features of the ClipSkips to work in unison, no matter how rough or soft the obstruction is, providing a smooth and seamless experience. The ClipSkips' innovative design allows them to cleverly adapt to the physical impact of the collision, ensuring that the force is absorbed and repelled appropriately, without causing any discomfort or harm to your body.

4. It is very important to maintain caution as you slip through the physical barrier. It is up to you to account for changes to factors on the other side such as ground height, floor texture, physical obstacles, or gravity. Once successfully through, be mindful of your surroundings and adjust your stance to maintain balance and control. Neglecting to do so could lead to life-threatening injuries, including head and body trauma. By exercising simple awareness and quick reflexes, you can avoid countless mishaps on your blood-pumping thrill-ride! New users are advised to begin by practicing no-clipping at a slower pace, in order to gain familiarity first!

Finally, you're all set to start using your brand-new ClipSkips!

Do note that the ClipSkips are not indestructible and should be handled with care. Avoid causing intentional damage, as they do not have the capability to self-clean or repair. Additionally, please refrain from excessively utilizing them past their limits,2 as this may cause them to malfunction and may cause injury. Rest assured, we are constantly working to improve their durability and maximize their functionality for optimal usage.

Speedrunning The Backrooms!
Embrace the Thrill of Escaping, Flash-Style!

If you're somehow skeptical about the legitimacy of ClipSkips or the honesty of us, the SpeedNoclippers, let me share with you the numerous other benefits and uses of these shoes. You might assume that they're just a one-trick pony, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there are almost no downsides to using them! These shoes offer a plethora of advantages beyond just providing an easy way to no-clip. I guarantee that once you learn more about what they can do, you'll be convinced that ClipSkips are the real deal.

Speed is our bread and butter at the SpeedNoclippers—it's what we're all about, and it's literally in our name! You may not know this, but your movement speed increases significantly when you run with the ClipSkips on; the faster you move, the greater the increase in speed. Once you stop running, your speed returns to normal. Additionally, there's no limit to how fast you can go; you can outrun almost anything! You see, we believe that with this kind of speed, you can push your limits and explore new horizons in a way that was never possible before! Recently, a member of our electrifying crew found themselves in a hilarious yet adrenaline-fueled encounter that perfectly exemplifies the advantages of our speed:

Alright, hold on tight because I've got a truly wild tale that'll leave you breathless! So there I was, roaming the halls of Level 13, minding my own business like any other day. But out of freaking nowhere, a clump comes barreling around the corner at the end of the hall, hell-bent on chasing me down! Talk about a surprise attack! Thankfully, I had my trusty ClipSkips strapped on, ready for action. Without missing a beat, I bolted in the opposite direction, nearly eating the floor in the process. Can you imagine the embarrassment? That clump would've been rolling on the floor, laughing its guts out! But hey, I didn't give it the satisfaction. As I sprinted, time seemed to slow down, like some crazy slow-motion scene. The clump was closing in, reaching out for my legs, but then, BAM! I kicked it into high gear like I'd tapped into some superhuman speed. My heart was pounding, veins pulsing with adrenaline, and suddenly, I was moving faster than I ever thought possible. It was like I had become both the Flash and Sonic rolled into one!

But wait, the story doesn't end there! I came to an abrupt halt, sweat pouring down profusely, heart pounding like it was ready to explode. I thought I had shaken off the clump, but nope, it was still hot on my trail, relentless as ever. Somehow, it seemingly knew exactly where I was. So, I had to pull out the big guns. I did the unthinkable—I no-clipped right through the nearest apartment door. Thank the stars no one was inside, or things would've gotten mighty awkward, real fast, lmao. Now, I have no clue where that ravenous clump ended up, but one thing's for certain—it was left scratching its head in confusion. I mean, who can blame it? It witnessed me go from zero to hero in a split second, and then vanish into thin air like a freaking magician!

I owe my life to those magical ClipSkips, let me tell you. Without them, I'd be worm food by now. Those shoes, they saved my damn life! So, yeah, I'm definitely sticking with these bad boys. Who knows what other crazy adventures and death-defying moments they'll lead me to next?

—AlexB_902, an adrenaline junkie, a SpeedNoclipper

Okay, I just love, love, LOVE ClipSkips!
It's all I can think about! But… how in the world can I snag a pair?

Well, well, well, are you ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime? Brace yourself, because I've got some electrifying news for you! ClipSkips—the ultimate adrenaline-pumping shoes that will have you soaring through the stratosphere—are out now, and they're all the rage! Picture this: you, donning a pair of ClipSkips, defying gravity with every step. The wind rushing through your hair as you effortlessly glide through the air, defying the laws of physics. It's the kind of exhilaration that will make your heart race faster than a cheetah on roller skates!

But hold your horses, my friend! These bad boys are not for the faint of heart. ClipSkips are an exclusive privilege reserved only for the most daring daredevils out there—the SpeedNoclippers! That's right, if you want to get your hands (or should I say, feet) on these mind-blowing kicks, you've got to join our elite team.

Now, I can already hear you wondering how you can become a part of this pulse-pounding crew. It's simple, really. Just imagine yourself soaring through The Backrooms, a labyrinth of hidden passages and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you navigate through the unknown, bending reality to your will. It's a journey that will leave you breathless, craving for more!

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe and experience thrills beyond your wildest dreams? Don't let these electrifying shoes slip through your fingers! Join the SpeedNoclippers today, and become part of a community that lives for the rush, the excitement, and the sheer joy of defying limits!


Don't wait another second! Sign up NOW and buckle up for a rollercoaster ride like no other! Remember, life is too short for ordinary kicks.

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