Object 9 - "Activated Carbon"
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A bowl of activated charcoal. This tiny amount is worth over fifteen bottles of almond water.


Activated charcoal is a relatively rare manmade object in the Backrooms. It can only be manufactured and is not found naturally on any level. The process of creating activated charcoal is a lengthy one, meaning only large groups such as the M.E.G. can create activated charcoal en masse.

Creating Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal can be created by combining a calcium chloride solution with powdered charcoal. Charcoal can be easily created through burning wood or other plant based flammables. However, calcium chloride requires a more difficult manufacturing process through dissolving limestone/chalk in hydrochloric acid. Limestone can be mined from cave levels such as Level -4.1 or found in more pure forms such as chalk in places like Level 101. Hydrochloric acid can be created by combining salt and sulfuric acid, which is formed by heating up battery acid in car batteries and evaporating the water.


Activated charcoal has many uses. Water filters, gas masks, an antidote for general poisons, and a possible method of gas storage. However the expensive process of creating activated charcoal and the lengthy amount of time it takes to produce a relatively small amount (On average, a kilogram per month) means it is a rare and coveted item in the Backrooms.

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