Object 89 - "Kat"
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To: Overseer Andrew
From: Solomon Myers
Subject: Requesting Greenlight for Object 89 Writeup

Perhaps this is a bit too soon, but I feel like this is necessary for the database. There's a lot of history here that cannot be forgotten.

Solomon Myers, M.E.G.

To: Solomon Myers
From: Overseer Andrew
Subject: re: Requesting Greenlight for Object 89 Writeup

Request denied.


"He means well."

Two men stand in front of a moss covered headstone.

"I know. It's just— It's still a lot." The second man lets out a defeated sigh. "I never expected Kat to be the first one to pass." He runs his fingers through his hair; a slight tremor can be seen in his hand. "I mean, she's been here for so much longer than us. I guess I really thought she would live forever."

"Nobody saw it coming."

"I know."

They sit in silence for a long time, staring at the headstone.

A wolf howls in the distance.

The two look up, startled by the sound, and when they look back, the headstone is gone. The ground undisturbed. Unbroken. Incorrupt.

The first man looks confused, but says nothing.

The second man walks up to the spot that no longer hides a body.

He takes a small iron arrowhead out of his pocket and drops it, but what hits the ground is a single lupine tooth. It sinks as if in water.

The men listen, for something. Some sign. Some closure, but there is nothing. The forest is still. The trees are quiet.

They finally walk away.

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