Object 74 - "Warpberries!"

Emails relating to Object 74's initial discovery.


16th October 2021 17:34
Aodhán Mac Seáin <amacseain@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|bdnam#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|bdnam>

Hello, Database Management, this is agent Aodhán. I’ve discovered something pretty important. I've got this new object, it's a box of berries. They're like strawberries, but they teleport people - I wrote something up.

I’ll be back to Beta in a few hours – I got out of Level 2 through a door and I’m taking a break. Writing this from Level 4.

~ Aodhán Mac Séain
MEG Base Beta.



16th October 2021 17:42
M.E.G. Page Review <mandb@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|niaescama#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|niaescama>


Sorry that this reply came so late - we had to check for any record of these things before, and everything took a while to wrap up.

So… reading your page has certainly caused a bit of intrigue in everyone. We've never even heard rumors of these things.

Obviously, because it's all unconfirmed info in our eyes, could you come over to Alpha instead of going back to Beta?

~ Sarah McMaster,
Database Management,
M.E.G. Base Alpha.

16th October 2021 17:51
Aodhán Mac Seáin <amacseain@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|bdnam#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|bdnam>

Ok, I’ll be there in a wee bit then. Thanks for the quick reply!
I’ve only used two of the berries (one of them I used to get to Level 2 on my way to you) which leaves 5 left in the box.

I think I hear a smiler nearby, so I can't write for long. I’ve gotta go.

~ Aodhán Mac Séain
M.E.G. Base Beta.

Aodhán Mac Séain arrived at M.E.G. Base Alpha three hours later.

Object 74’s initial discovery interview. Recording from Sarah McMaster, sent from the new temporary base on Level 10.

Interview from the discovery of Object 74 for use in the investigation. The following is preserved as it was recorded during the initial discovery.

Following submission of his draft for an undocumented Object he calls "Transportation Berry Box", Aodhán Mac Seáin was called for an interview to discuss the Object.

Interviewer: Aodhán Mac Seáin
Interviewee: Sarah McMaster

<Begin Interview>
Sarah McMaser: Alright, Aodhán - I've started the recording.

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Cheers. I'm ready to go when you are.

Sarah McMaster: So, Aodhán. Let's cut to the chase: can you tell me a little about the Object you found?

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Aye. I was just walking in Level 2, when I found this little box of strawberries.

Aodhán Mac Seáin takes out the box.

Sarah McMaser: That's it?

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Yes. They seemed to be completely normal, and didn't look spoiled. I don't think they ever rot at all, really.

Sarah McMaser: Interesting. So they keep for a very long time…

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Yep! I decided to keep them with me for a while.

Sarah McMaser: Well, how long ago was that?

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Wasn't that long ago, or I would've let you know sooner. But they haven't spoiled yet.

Sarah McMaser: So then, let's get to the important bit. In your rough draft, you said that these berries can transport people, right?

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Yeah. Whenever I ate one on any level other than where I found them, they transported me back to where I first ate them.

Sarah McMaser: So, unless you're on Level 2 already, eating these transports you there?

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Aye - an instant no-clip right through the floor. It's like you eat it and you get pulled right downwards.

Sarah McMaser: …wait.

Aodhán Mac Seáin: What?

Sarah McMaser: Those strawberries have seeds on them!

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Yeah? And?

Sarah McMaser: Uh, we're gonna have to keep a few of these, if that's ok.

Aodhán Mac Seáin: Alright..?

Sarah McMaser: Okay, thank you for your time. You're free to go.

<End interview>

Aodhán Mac Seáin returned to Base Omega a day later.

Emails relating to Object 74's initial discovery.


Jan 1, 1970 00:00
Base Alpha Staff <sarahmcm@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|reesrevomaet#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|reesrevomaet>
Hello, Overseers.

There has been a new object discovered, and it seems quite important.

Useful, I mean. It’s just a normal box of strawberries, but if you eat one, it takes you back to where they were found. We’ve confirmed their effects here at Base Alpha, and it’s been a few days with no ill effects, though we’re being careful not to use too many. We’ve dubbed them “Warpberries” for now.

We noticed today that because they have seeds on them, like normal strawberries do, we should try to grow them.

We’re messaging you to ask for permission to clear out a small patch of land on Level 10 and to plant some of the berries.

~ Sarah McMaster,
Database Management,
MEG Base Alpha.

Jan 1, 1970 00:00
Team Overseer <teamoverseer@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|mcmharas#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|mcmharas>


After some talking, we've agreed that a small group can be sent over to Level 10 to study the object. If we get results, we'll be happy to look into other applications for them.

Please circle back with results when they're available.

~ M.E.G. Team Overseer.

Jan 1, 1970 00:00
Aodhán Mac Seáin <amacseain@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|weiveregap#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|weiveregap>

Hello again, team Overseer,

After over 5 weeks, we finally have results to show you.

See attached a video summary of the research.

~ Agent James
Base Alpha.

Jan 1, 1970 00:00
Team Overseer <teamoverseer@majorexplorergroup.com>
to <moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|ahplaesab#moc.puorgrerolpxerojam|ahplaesab>

We are extremely happy with these results.

A trade has been initiated with the B.N.T.G. so that they will distribute the berries to wanderers.

Thank you very much for your research, now the B.N.T.G. and I will see to it that many wanderers will benefit from this.

Of course, these will need an article in the database soon. Work on that.

~ Overseer-B
M.E.G. Team Overseer.

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