Object 70
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by SariastuffSariastuff

memento mori

Object number: 70

Location: Majority

Threat Level: Nada

Description: Object 70 is the colloquial designation given to a collection of identical cadavers found across The Backrooms. The corpses all lie face down in open, mundane places, barring a few exceptions to the rule found in hard-to-reach locations. It is easy to mistake them for other dead wanderers at first glance.

Instances of Object 70 can be identified by their countenance. The appearance of each carcass is that of an unremarkable middle-aged Caucasian male with short, brown hair and black eyes. They lack facial hair though their face is lined with a multitude of dusty wrinkles, the beginning of old age. Every instance of Object 70 has a peaceful, weary expression plastered on its face. A cancerous mole (in its early stages) dots the right side of each body's neck.

All of the corpses are dressed in three-piece suits of varying colourways and styles, the most commonly found outfit being a drab black notch lapel business suit. A plain-vanilla silver band can be found on their right-hand ring finger. In all cases, lest the circumstances around the corpse interfere, the suits are all neat, clean, and evidently ironed-out not long before death. In similar fashion, any shoes the corpse may have on its person are polished.

Each corpse is found with an antique briefcase gripped in its hand. The briefcases will contain commonplace supplies: Lunchboxes containing homemade dinners, stationary, and flasks of water are the most common finds, though each briefcase is a surprise of its own. Lest it has already been looted, one should take advantage of the unattended-to rations. Supplies are sparse out in the open world, and the environment around you will not necessarily be hospitable to your needs.

All attempts at matching the cadavers with any living human being have failed. The corpse lacks fingerprints entirely and the results of all DNA tests are inconclusive. This is the body's only extranormal physiological property, despite all the mystery attached to it. Just like a normal corpse, it withers and disintegrates, leaving nothing but bones behind.

For now, it is impossible to ascertain the possible origin of the corpses and the reason for their appearance throughout The Backrooms. Regardless of what discoveries are and are not made, it is important even in desperate times to be mindful of the departed.

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