Object 7 - "Memory Jars"
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A Pink memory jar found in The Memory, brought to a M.E.G. Warehouse.


Memory Jars are glass jars that are regularly empty. This is their deactivated state. It is not possible to put anything in a Memory Jar, as it will just disappear. If a wanderer dies possessing a Memory Jar, their memories will appear as small spheres inside the jar, and the Memory Jar enters their activated state. The colour of these spheres vary depending on the ex-holder's personality.

Pink Memory Jar

Pink Memory Jars would have been held by light-hearted energetic people, or optimists.

Blue Memory Jar

Blue Memory Jars would have been held by pessimists, or people who were sad most of their life.

Red Memory Jar

Red Memory Jars would have been held by aggressive or violent people, or people who have committed crime.

Green Memory Jar

Green Memory Jars would have been held by calm or laid back people.

Purple Memory Jar

Purple Memory Jars would have been held by shy people, or scared people.

Yellow Memory Jar

Yellow Memory Jars would have been held by outgoing people, or brave people.

Black Memory Jar

Black Memory Jars would have been held by Entities.

The M.E.G. speculates there are other colours of Memory Jar, but are undocumented.

Opening A Memory Jar

Anyone who opens an activated Memory Jar will be able to view memories of the Memory Jar's late holder. The memories will play as hologram videos. If memories were inserted into a computer system, the memories would be saved as videos in a new folder labelled "Memories of the late
[name of ex-holder]"

Sale and Trade of Memory Jars

Deactivated Memory Jars are sold as mementos. They can also be found randomly inside The Memory. The B.N.T.G. sell and trade Memory Jars with wanderers.

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