Object 67—ChocoBytes!
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"Their sweetness is deceptive, don't let them deceive you… Death itself is found in ChocoBytes… It whispers of suffering, of lives taken away, and of dark secrets hidden behind every bite…"


Object 67, or the ChocoBytes, is necessary for wanderers who lack energy.1
ChocoBytes are known for giving wanderers very high amounts of energy and can be useful when one feels tired. The packaging of the object also gives wanderers a sense of comfort and happiness, due to its bright colors and cheerful aura. ChocoBytes are 19 cm long, 9 cm wide, and 1 cm tall, and they weigh 125 grams.
The ChocoBytes are a variety of chocolate bars of various colors and flavors. They are found in The Noctambula School, making them a unique and coveted object within the Backrooms.
ChocoBytes do not have a specific flavor. Instead, they adapt to the tastebuds of the wanderer eating it. The taste will be similar to that of a chocolate bar that was popular in the wanderer’s hometown, giving them a sense of nostalgia. This will possibly cause the wanderer to not stop eating them, without realizing the risks that eating so many bars can bring.

It is recommended to keep these effects in mind if the object is consumed regularly. An adult should not eat more than 5 bars a day and a child should not eat more than 3 bars in a day.
Consumption is strictly prohibited for the elderly.

Variety Of ChocoBytes


ChocoBytes!-Original flavor, photographed by the M.E.G

The Original Bar

This bar is believed to be the original and first bar produced. The wrapper on the bar is a light-yellow color with light green spots, The bright red text on these bars reads: "Chocolates."
Its slogan in small red letters has a pleasant phrase: "Make your stay sweeter :D"
Although all the bars do not have a defined flavor, since all of them acquire the flavor of the wanderer's favorite chocolate bars, the sensation of the flavor depends on the percentage of cocoa that the bar has.

When biting into this delicious bar, the wanderer will experience an instant surge of vitality and alertness.

Once the ChocoBytes are in the digestive system, epinephrine is gradually released, stimulating the amygdala in the brain. This brain activation awakens the senses, providing a feeling of mental clarity and renewed energy. The physiological response includes a moderate increase in heart rate and an improvement in respiratory capacity, all designed to give the user a natural, long-lasting boost.

The combination of epinephrine and chocolate entails an energizing experience.
The only thing that is found behind the wrapper is the percentage of chocolate and epinephrine:
80% Cocoa and Epinephrine.
sometimes implying that: “This implies that the cocoa content and epinephrine content are equal."
Currently, the location of the factory that produces these bars, and how they reach The Noctambula School, is unknown.


ChocoBytes!-Mocca Mocca!!

The Red Bar
This version of the ChocoBytes Bar has enough Epinephrine and Caffeine to keep a wanderer awake for 3 Days.
There have been several deaths from consuming more than one red bar.
Eating more than one is not recommended for anyone. Only in extreme emergencies should even one of these bars be eaten.
Usually, this emergency is a life-or-death situation, or potentially even worse.
In these cases, it is recommended to consume a single bar of the Mocca Mocca ChocoBytes.
In rarer cases, people trapped or with an extremely broken state of mind use this bar as: "A way to escape from life itself and the hell they are in."
It is recommended to be aware of the consequences of such an act.
Value your life; You are stronger than this.


ChocoBytes-White Chocolate

The White Bar

The last and most rare "ChocoBytes" bar.
This bar resembles a white chocolate bar and is somewhat safer than its contemporaries. This safety is probably owed to white chocolate not being actual chocolate, making its cocoa content quite low and thus its epinephrine content is low.
This safety makes finding one of these bars a boon for most wanderers.
Despite their safety, they are not healthy, though they still can act as a food source for wanderers who find them.
A combination of their safety and rarity make them a sought out commodity, and those that find them usually sell them for somewhat high prices.
Still, this bar, like the others, does not have a defined flavor, but it does tend to mimic a white chocolate bar that a wanderer has eaten in the past.

Danger, Flavor, and Rarity chart:

ChocoBytes Flavor? Danger Rarity
Original Bar It will taste like any dark chocolate bar one has tried growing up, whether it's a favorite or one they don't remember. moderately dangerous. Common
Mocca Mocca! It will taste like any coffee chocolate bar, coffee-flavored candy, or any coffee one has tried as a child, whether it's a favorite or one they don't remember. Highly dangerous. Very Common
White Chocolate It will taste like any white chocolate bar one has tried growing up, whether it's a favorite or one they don't remember. Mildly dangerous. Very Rare

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