Object 666 - "The Dice of Destiny"
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Welcome to the souvenir shop at The Terror Hotel Casino!

We're here to introduce you to the casino's new memorabilia - The Dice of Destiny!

The casino is not responsible for any injuries or deaths that result from the use of this souvenir.

The Dice of Destiny, recommended by the gentleman himself, can fulfill all your fantasies!

Steps of Usage

  1. Pick up the dice.
  2. Throw the dice!
  3. Wait for it to stop and then a miracle will happen!


This dice is different from regular dice: it looks like a cubic dice with no numbers on it, but in fact, it does have infinite numbers that are invisible until you roll the dice, which means it can lead to infinite possibilities!

It's worth mentioning that all possiblities of rolling this dice will result in good outcomes only. In another word, you won't end up in a bad situation no matter what you get from the dice!

You might be wondering, how come a cubic dice can have infinite numbers? If I remember correctly, there is a good saying that goes: "Infinity comes from finity, and finity comes from nihility." The properties of the Dice of Destiny perfectly match this saying, as infinite possible numbers can emerge out of nowhere.

To use it, just roll it and meditate on what you want, then your wish will be fulfilled!

The final number is…

It's a pity that a roll won't turn out exactly what you had in mind, but don't forget I mentioned above that the results of dice rolls are never bad outcomes, which means you may get some surprises!

If a result meets your expectations, come to our Casino and give us a remark. And of course, if a dice is accidentally damaged, you can come here to exchange for a new dice with your receipt for free!

Method of Obtaining

This dice is given away as a souvenir if you spend a fortune in the Casino! Moreover, you can also redeem one with an amount of chips at some places.


  1. If your dice starts rolling on its own, do not interrupt it.
  2. If you roll a dice in an enclosed space and it doesn't stop in 5 minutes, you'll get a high kinetic energy weapon.
  3. If your dice stops and the number on the top says a "squid", a "hotel" or a "gambler" and so on, please stay in place.
  4. If your dice stops and has nothing on the top, please touch it.
  5. If your dice stops and stands on its edge or its vertex, please get close to the dice. It may make some unexpected reactions.


Since our dice can lead to an infinite number of possibilities, we've created a chat channel here for users to discuss.

2013/5/16 13:50

A Name Only Visible to Fools: Hey! Guys, do you know this dice can also play movies? It stopped rolling a few seconds after I threw it, and the dice started to vibrate, accompanied by a kind of… music from old-fashioned movies? Sounds a bit like My Heart Will Go On. Wait a minute, the documentation for this thing doesn't seem to tell what to do after the result happens. Should I touch it?

2013/5/16 13:57

A Name Only Visible to Fools: Eh, I seem to have arrived at a level I've never visited before. Is it a Cinema? No matter, l'm gonna go and have a look. It seems that this item can really play a role in fulfilling wishes.

2013/5/16 14:23

The message has been deleted by an admin

2015/8/15 13:03

Anonymous 453: Am I the first guy in the Backrooms to get a high kinetic energy weapon from this? I tossed the dice after reading the documentation carefully, and it just kept spinning at a high speed! If I'm not wrong, there will be a high kinetic energy weapon after it stops?! Hahaha, I have never been so excited in my life. I have been dreaming of such high-tech weapons since decades ago!!!

2015/8/17 00:56

Anonymous 115: Hey dude, I recently heard of someone on Level 11 being smashed and reduced to nothing by a fast flying dice in a house. Was it you?

2017/10/26 21:06

Italian Pineapple Pizza: I haven't gambled much on Level 5.1. Why was I given this…? Seems that no one has ever tested the quality of this thing. I live on the 14th floor, with grass and mud on the ground beneath. It is so small and made of plastic that it would break upon landing. It's not mine anyway.

2017/10/26 21:10

Italian Pineapple Pizza: Who the heck is pulling me down?gfaofaofmaksflamksflamflasnflagklamlabmalk

3 minutes ago

Unknown M.E.G. Team "Coolguy" Member: Hey! Hey! Can you read my message? If yes, it means that the mods of this channel has not deleted it. Don't ask what "Team Coolguy" is, just listen to me first: none of the results of this dice are good!!!

2 minutes ago

Unknown M.E.G. Team "Coolguy" Member: Take a closer look at the messages above. Who has truly fulfilled their wishes? The fool named "A Name Only Visible to Fools" has long since merged with the chairs on Level 68!!!

Just now

Unknown M.E.G. Team "Coolguy" Member: Desire! Desire! You are intoxicating and heartbreaking. I urge whoever reads this to make the right decision before it's too late, and throw the dice away. Nobody can get away from the so-called "strongest desire in their hearts", and they will spare nothing to pursue it, at a cost they cannot bear, or even risking their lives.

Do you really believe miracles will happen?

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