Object 60 - "The Throne"
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The Throne.

Object 60 is a metal chair of simple design painted in a dark green color with a glossy finish. As any normal chair, Object 60 has 4 legs, a seat, and a back, though it doesn't have armrests. It is also notably well-kept, lacking any major scratches or dents. Further inspection has shown that the object resists all kinds of damage, and that moving it from the position where it spawns is impossible.


Object 60 was initially differentiated from a normal chair thanks to the investigations of Senior Archivist Raúl Márquez, who had been previously studying the object for years. After months of instigation, the rest of the Archivists agreed to review Marquez's research, which, surprisingly, turned out to be accurate. His documents detailed dozens of sightings of what appeared to be a mundane green chair, all in numerous locations, and dating from a few months before to decades and even centuries in the past.


As previously stated, the object has the main characteristics of being resistant to any kind of damage and being impossible to move, but it also has other, more vague, and less understood properties. For instance, being in proximity to the object has the potential to slightly alter the human psyche. Subjects of low mental fortitude will see their memories challenged and be inclined to think that Object 60 is an item precious to them that has been a part of their life for years, therefore being convinced to care it and protect it if necessary.

Aside from its already mentioned capabilities, Object 60 is known to occasionally bestow one of a number of blessings to some of those who sit on it. The mechanism that decides who will benefit from the object remains a mystery, as there does not seem to be any factor linking all of its supposed beneficiaries.

According to Márquez, who allegedly got access to secret, forbidden knowledge after sitting on the object for the first time, the following are the 5 possible "boons" that Object 60 can grant:

  • Clarity of mind.
  • Access to "hidden" knowledge.
  • A surge of courage and passion.
  • Increased mental capacity.
  • An expansion of the soul.

The significance of many of these is yet to be discerned.


The object can be found in essentially any level of the Backrooms. Sighting reports mention encountering the object in the middle of the woods on Level 39, half buried under the sands of Level 46, and even hidden inside a closet on Level 4. On all these occasions, the object seems to have appeared in random places of no significance. There is, however, a single sighting report submitted by Senior Archivist Márquez in which Object 60 manifested itself in a place of importance.

Márquez's report remarks how on one occasion his investigations took him to The Chair Room, where he witnessed a series of strange events. The archivist was greeted to the room by chants, whispers, and prayers coming from the group known as "The Zealots of the Chair." Although these were almost unintelligible, Márquez managed to discern phrases such as: "… our lord … back" and "… God-King … finally returned." Another odd aspect was that the room was crammed with chairs of every possible type, as opposed to the room's usual consistent distribution. And, in addition, instead of being neatly arranged, the chairs were all circling Object 60 in a "reverential" manner.

According to Márquez, all the chairs had gathered to pay their respects to Object 60, which he referred to as "The Throne."

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