Object 6
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The first confirmed photograph of Object 6. The exit sign and plaque are regrettably not pictured.


Object 6 is a large, seemingly ordinary wall mirror hung underneath a green exit sign. It is situated in a nondescript room within Level 0, though this room appears to be exceedingly remote and difficult to locate. The object has not been sighted in other levels, and its movement is consistent with the random reshuffling of rooms typical to Level 0.

The mirror is rectangular in shape, with a height of 97.1 inches (246.6cm) and width of 61.9 inches (157.2cm), with a thickness of 0.24 inches (0.61cm). Its surface is uniformly smooth, apart from a small plaque centered on the mirror’s bottom edge.

The plaque reads as follows:


1 Cori 13 | 12

The text's meaning stands undeciphered. The link between the text on the plaque and the mirror's properties has yet to be determined.


I. Extranormal reflection:

To all viewers, the mirror initially appears and behaves as an ordinary wall mirror. However, its anomalous properties begin to manifest within hours of exposure.

The majority of viewers have claimed that the reflection within the mirror is soon replaced with scenes featuring people, places and objects which are integral to their past lives in the Frontrooms, and fondly remembered. Viewers' homes, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces are usually featured, as well as loved ones, family members and pets.

Viewers generally assert that the scenes depicted are peaceful and ordinary. All characters, objects and places within scenes behave normally and are accurate to the viewer's memory. Viewers also deny seeing the Backrooms and its unique features appearing within these scenes. Intriguingly, some viewers have even claimed to see deceased family members and pets appearing in scenes, as well as places which no longer exist.

Viewers also describe being unable to interact in any way with the scenes depicted in the mirror. However, they unanimously report seeing a version of themselves incorporated into the scenes at all times. A viewer’s counterpart within the reflection will apparently bear close resemblance to their current age and appearance, but dressed appropriately to the scene.

A minority of viewers do claim that they are physically unable to experience the mirror's unusual properties. For these viewers, the mirror continues to function as a standard wall mirror. Research has suggested that most such individuals were born in the Backrooms, or have lived within them for an extended period.

There are also unverified rumors of entirely different scenes reflected within the mirror. These claims range wildly from scenes set within the Backrooms to scenes set in mythical or fictional places. Research into such rumors is ongoing.

The response to the scenes within the mirror varies greatly. As expected, viewers tend to express wistful, nostalgic emotions. Most break down in tears. Some viewers forcefully (and thus far unsuccessfully) attempt to break through the mirror into the scene itself. Though the recorded responses of viewers are generally consistent with their personality, researchers are investigating the possibility of the mirror exerting an additional psychic effect upon their emotions.

Some viewers do find it emotionally difficult to leave the mirror behind. Most viewers report no serious physical, mental or emotional ill-effects after leaving the mirror. Viewers tend to report feeling wistful and nostalgic for many hours after exposure, but it is assumed that this is a natural emotional response. Many also report feeling calm and relieved, and express a sense of closure at being able to experience a glimpse of reality once again.

All photographic and videographic attempts to document the phenomena exhibited by the mirror have been unsuccessful, as they merely yield images of the mirror reflecting an empty room. Researchers therefore speculate that the illusory effects of the mirror might be hallucinatory.

II. Physical properties:

Under intense scrutiny before and during the manifestation of the mirror's effects, no physical abnormalities or technological enhancements have been found on the object. However, the mirror appears to be impervious to scratches and damage in any form, and the mirror cannot be dislodged from the wall by any means.

Attempting to attack or destroy the mirror is strongly discouraged1 due to the risk of damaging it before its full potential is discovered and harnessed. Furthermore, any such attempt poses a danger to Wanderers, as the mirror appears to react defensively to attacks (refer to the attached Audio Log for details).

It is assumed that the mirror itself is responsible for its effects, and not the room around it. The room in which the mirror is placed is indeed consistent with the appearance and behaviour of Level 0. However, it appears to be Euclidian in nature, and does not change in size and shape while unobserved — similar to the Manila Room.

As an apparent side-effect of the room's stable geometry, no-clipping into or out of the room is not possible. Unfortunately, this makes the object incredibly difficult to locate within the non-Euclidian geometry of Level 0. It also appears to be impossible to no-clip through the mirror itself (or at least — not intentionally. Refer to the attached Audio Log for details).

Research on Object 6 is proceeding slowly because of navigational difficulties. Therefore, The M.E.G. encourages anyone with information of the mirror's origin and function to come forward, particularly if an individual named Cori is involved. Anecdotal evidence from anyone who has encountered the mirror is also greatly appreciated.


Rumours about the object had been circulating among Wanderers for years prior to its official discovery. The object came to the M.E.G.'s attention when speculation began of its potential as an exit from the Backrooms. The M.E.G. officially confirmed the existence of the mirror on 3/24/2021, when it was successfully located by M.E.G. Team 'Troglodyte' of Regiment Track Mappers.

Attached below is a transcript of the Audio Log submitted by M.E.G. Team 'Troglodyte' upon return.

The comprehensive testing log on the mirror and its properties is also available here.


The M.E.G. would like to remind those reading this article that they are not alone in the Backrooms. Emotional support is incredibly important to one's mental health, and readers are advised to be honest with their group about their well-being. Please be reminded that free psychological counselling services4 are offered within all M.E.G. facilities, as well as many unaffiliated communities.

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