Object 59 - "Prayer Glass"
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An oddly refined object for what it does. This wine glass is forged of an ancient crystalline substance, whose name has been lost to the sands of time. Carved into its surface is the Script of the Primal One, whose enduring memory is what makes this chalice… different.


Quite fancy, is it not?

Each glass has a slightly different structure. Altered proportions, special textures… But they all function the same.

It's actually pretty funny. Traditionally, something like this would be drunk from. But it drinks from you. Oh, don't worry. Just a little saliva here, some spinal fluid there. You'll barely notice it.

Enough people in the same place, enough liquids absorbed at once, the Prayer Glasses can work together. Forming a lattice of pure thought, the threads of time are temporarily severed, allowing a certain something to come through to our world.

Only a few Prayer Glasses are left, maybe half a dozen. The summonings do run the risk of property damage, which often leads to the glasses shattering.
But it's worth it. The more times we bring it back, the longer it can stay. And we can bask in its glory once more.

The Hidden Memories:

Consequitis Porphallin Gorenell, Hamfuillaen Storbiwen
Enfusiscol Inpartelsion Viestells
Oatcelles Fonparweist Xeipollovs, Nenpardent Tressellis Mephorisgal

Our Lord:

It has a few names. The Primal One. The Old Fear. The First Danger. They're all the same, really. This great pseudobrachiator was the first one to claim the title of "monster." All others are just pretenders, using its name to invoke undeserved fear.

Flesh of man. Blood of shrew. Tongue of adder. Talon of hawk. Fang of shark. 8 feet tall, fine-tuned senses, absolutely silent when hunting…
It really is the perfect predator.

It just wants to return, to the realm that unfairly shunned it and did their best to forget the greatness that it brought. So grab a glass, my friend, and let's toast. Toast to a time long forgotten, so it may be remembered.



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