Object 51 - "Pockets"
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— Description —


An example of Object 51 with an opal pocketstone.

Object 51 refers to small artifacts of crystal and metal that grant access to dimensional pockets ideal for portable storage by wanderers. While similar in application to Worn Sacks, Pockets differ greatly in form and function. Object 51 most frequently takes the appearance of jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. An amorphous material such as amber, opal, or obsidian is almost always present on the object, and is known colloquially as the pocketstone.

Pockets are highly coveted by various groups for use in operations, or by wealthy individuals as a status symbol.

— Uses —

While in possession of Object 51, wanderers gain the ability to "pocket" non-living, inert matter in their proximity at will. Pocketed items seem to suddenly dematerialize, but will reappear at the mental command of the user. Most users require direct contact with the target matter in order to manipulate it, but experienced Pocket-users are capable of influencing objects remotely.

Individuals in contact with a Pocket display uncanny, extrasensory knowledge of all matter contained within, regardless of the artifact's history. Objects stored within Pockets do not experience time, making them ideal for transporting items susceptible to rot, decay, or degradation.

Pockets are believed to possess an infinite or near-infinite carrying capacity.

— Hazards —

Pockets are relatively safe to use and handle so long as matter is not manipulated in a way that could be dangerous, such as materializing a heavy object above oneself. Much of the danger associated with Pockets occurs during recovery or as a result of their high value and demand. Owners without the protection of a group or faction often find themselves targetted and their Pocket stolen.

It is advised that owners conceal their Pocket at all times, and only utilize it when unobserved or in the company of allies.

— Sources & Recovery —


Homes in Level 9 with glowing windows often contain Pockets.

While not particularly difficult to find, Object 51 is sourced from Level 9, which has produced a mountain of corpses in exchange for every Pocket successfully recovered. Pockets are found in homes throughout the suburban area within safes, jewelry boxes, vaults, and display cases. Pocket-bearing houses frequently have vibrantly illuminated windows in a range of different colors. Shades of blue and green are the most common, though red, purple, and orange are also known. Pockets found outside of Level 9 are almost unheard of, but they are rumored to generate from jewelry worn by wanderers upon entry into the Backrooms.


A potential pocket-bearing structure.

Recovering a Pocket is incredibly risky, but doing so in groups of three affords the best chances of success. An escape route must be identified prior to a recovery attempt, ideally via grass fields leading to Level 10, or by playgrounds leading to Level 283. Distance to the exit point should never exceed one mile from the point of acquisition and all team members must be capable of independent navigation to the exit in under eight minutes.

Each recovery team should have a designated Thief, Lookout, and Support. The Thief is responsible for entering the pocket-bearing structure via the most discreet means available and acquiring the object. Brute force, such as breaking down doors or shattering windows is inadvisable. The Lookout is responsible for monitoring entity activity prior to acquisition by the Thief. The Support must be capable of assuming either role.


Run. Do not hide. Do not engage The Neighborhood Watch.

Upon acquisition of the Pocket, The Neighborhood Watch will be alerted, and shall converge on the area to eliminate all intruders. All team members must run to the preidentified exit as quickly as possible. Should the Thief become incapacitated, the Support must take the Pocket and continue running. Should the Support become incapacitated, the Lookout must take the Pocket and continue running. A recovery is successful when Level 9 is exited, at which point pursuit ceases.

Those in possession of a Pocket should not enter Level 9 under any circumstances.

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