Object 43
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A tarot deck found in Level 11.

Object 43, also known as Tarot Decks, are found on tables and chairs in numerous levels of the Backrooms.


As of writing, Tarot Decks are rarely found due to only 114 packs currently being discovered. The exterior of a standard pack resembles that of a typical Tarot Deck, along with the Tarot Cards inside matching its non-anomalous counterpart.


Upon opening an instance of Object 43, the contents of it will shoot out of the deck and shuffle themselves until they land on the deck, forming a stack of cards. While the cards are shuffling, wanderers are unable to view the contents of the cards due to them being blank. After the cards land on object 43, its anomalous effects will manifest once an individual reads the name of the top card in the deck out loud. Picking up a card while it is shuffling (and not on the deck) will immediately cause the card to reveal itself and its effects to trigger.1 Failure to perform this task within a 20-second time span will result in the instance combusting into flames.

After the manifestation of the selected card’s effects, all remaining cards will place themselves back into the deck. Afterward, the deck will become inaccessible to wanderers for 48 hours for unknown reasons. Each card’s abilities can be determined depending on the image and name written on the card, as well as the image’s orientation. If the image is right-side up, the card is an “Upright” card, and if the image is upside-down then it is a “Reverse” card.2 If a wanderer attempts to turn the card to get a different outcome, the effect will instead instantly trigger. Although some cards will have both positive and negative effects, it has been found that all Upright cards will have an overall positive effect, and all Reverse cards will have an overall negative effect.

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